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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# coding=utf-8
import sys
import os
sys.path.insert(0, os.path.dirname(__file__))
if os.path.dirname(__file__) != '':
from zmirror.zmirror import app as application
__author__ = 'Aploium <>'
def main():
from zmirror.zmirror import my_host_port, built_in_server_host, \
built_in_server_debug, built_in_server_extra_params, warnprint, \
warnprint("You may directly running zmirror, which is NOT recommend for PRODUCTION environment.\n"
"Please deploy it using Apache,You can find a deploy tutorial here:\n"
if my_host_port is None:
my_host_port = 80
# 如果配置文件中开启了多进程, 那么就关掉多线程, 否则默认启用多线程
threaded="processes" not in built_in_server_extra_params,
# 如果你想直接用本程序给外网访问, 请在 末尾加两行配置
# !!警告!! 无论如何都不要修改, 否则程序将无法通过 git pull 来升级
# built_in_server_host=''
# built_in_server_debug=False
# ps:字母在行首, 行首不要有空格
# !!警告!! 无论如何都不要修改本文件, 否则程序将无法通过 git pull 来升级
debug=built_in_server_debug, # 默认是开启debug模式的
# 默认只允许本机访问, 如果你希望让外网访问, 请根据上面的注释修改配置文件
**built_in_server_extra_params # extra params
except OSError as e:
if e.errno in (98, 10013): # Address already in use, 98 for linux, 10013 for win
errprint("Port {port} was occupied by other program, please close it.\n"
"You can see which process is using your port by the following command:\n"
" Linux: netstat -apn |grep \":{port}\"\n"
" Windows: netstat -ano |find \":{port}\"\n\n"
"Or change zmirror\'s port: change(add, if not exist) the `my_host_port` setting in ``\n"
"eg: my_host_port=81".format(port=my_host_port))
if __name__ == '__main__':