Utilities used by pretty much all members of the APLTree library
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General utilities included/used by most members of the APLTree library.


Many classes of the APLTree project :Include the namespace script APLTreeUtils and all applications of the APL-cation projects call functions in it.

That means that before you can fix successfully one of these classes you must make sure that the namespace script APLTreeUtils is already in the current workspace.

Note that all functions in APLTreeUtils are independent from ⎕IO as well as ⎕ML.

Although APLTreeUtils is designed to be included in classes there is nothing wrong with calling its functions from outside like this:


List of functions

FindPathTo              ⍝ Useful to find a certain script in the workspace.
FormatDateTime          ⍝ Formats one ⍺to many date.
GetOperatingSystem      ⍝ Takes `⍬` as right argument and returns a three-item vector like "Win", "AIX", "Mac" or "Lin".
GoToWebPage             ⍝ Fires up the default browser and displays the page specified as right argument.
IsChar                  ⍝ Returns a 1 if the right argument is of type Char.
IsDevelopment           ⍝ Returns a 1 if executed in a Unicode version of Dyalog.
IsUnicode               ⍝ Returns a 1 if executed in a Unicode version of Dyalog.
Last                    ⍝ Returns the extension from a full path. Separator ⍺ defaults to ".".
Lowercase               ⍝ Enforces lowercase for strings as well as a vector of strings.
Nest                    ⍝ Enclose if right argument is simple.
ReadUtf8File            ⍝ Return contents of a UTF8 file.
Split                   ⍝ Split string . Separator ⍺ defaults to CR+LF.
SplitPath               ⍝ Part Path from filename+extension. Separator ⍺ defaults to "\".
Uppercase               ⍝ Enforce uppercase for strings as well as a vector of strings.
Where                   ⍝ Returns indices for Boolean scalar or vector `⍵`.
WriteUtf8File           ⍝ Creates or overwrites a UTF8 file without BOM.
dlb                     ⍝ Delete leading blanks.
dmb                     ⍝ Delete multiple blanks.
dtb                     ⍝ Delete trailing blanks.