Enumeration with all error codes trappable in Dyalog APL
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EventCodes is a member of the APLTree library. The library is a collection of classes etc. that aim to support the Dyalog APL programmer. Search GitHub for "apltree" and you will find solutions to many every-day problems Dyalog APL programmers might have to solve.


Dyalog uses numbers to represent errors. Those errors are accessible via ⎕EN. However, when one wants to specify an error with a :Trap or a ⎕TRAP statement then one must use integers.

Although a seasoned programmer will over time memorize the most important error numbers, the unusual ones will escape her, not to mention newbies.

There is a better solution to this: using symbolic names which are effectively constants (strictly speaking read-only variables) carrying the integer. That's what the EventCode class is for: it offers symbolic names for all trappable events up to and including version 17.0.


      EventCodes.GetName 1008
 TIMEOUT            1006
 TRAP_ERROR           84
53 2