Utilities for dealing with the Windows OS
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Interface between the Windows OS and Dyalog APL

WinSys is a member of the APLTree library. The library is a collection of classes etc. that aim to support the Dyalog APL programmer. Search GitHub for "apltree" and you will find solutions to many every-day problems Dyalog APL programmers might have to solve.


WinSys offers methods that are useful for getting information regarding the Windows operating system.

Note that there is also a class OS which aims to offer methods you want to have on all supported platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) like getting the process ID of the current process or killing a process etc.


Name Remark
CONSTANT Creates a niladic function that returns a fixed result.
CreateParms_ShellExecute Creates a namespace with default values for ShellExecute.
ExpandEnv Expands Windows envirnment variables like PATH.
FindExecutable Returns the executable that would process (existing filename).
FindWindow Returns a handle to a Window in case ⍵ matches the caption.
GetAllDrives Returns all drive letters for the current system.
GetDPI Returns the current setting of DPI like 100 (default), 125 or 150.
GetDriveAndType Returns matrix with 2 cols: letter and type ("Fixed”, “CD-ROM”, ...
GetFormCaptionFontInfo Tells the font used by Windows for form captions.
GetHandleFromCaption Alias for FindWindow.
GetModuleFileName Helps to find out which DLLs were really loaded.
GetMsgFrom Takes an error number and returns the associated text.
GetProcessID (deprecated; see the OS class)
GetSystemMetrics Useful to retrieve all sorts of information about Windows.
GetSystemParametersInfo Returns the "SystemParametersInfo" structure.
GetVersion Get the version of the OS.
KillProcess (deprecated; see the OS class)
List_SM Returns a list with field names with names that start with SM_.
SetWindowParms Useful to set "Posn" or "Size" etc. for a window we have a handle for.
ShellExecute Deprecated. See the OS class.
Version Returns a 3-item vector with name, version number and version date.


Name Meaning
SM_CXSCREEN Screen size
SM_CXVSCROLL Vertical scroll bar width
SM_CYVSCROLL Vertical scroll bar arrow bitmap height
SM_CXHSCROLL Horizontal scroll bar arrow bitmap width
SM_CYHSCROLL Horizontal scroll bar height
SM_CYCAPTION Window title height of with frame
SM_CXBORDER← 2D window border size