A jQuery plugin for customizing the caret (text cursor) on web pages
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jQuery Custom Caret

A jQuery plugin for customizing your caret (text cursor) using CSS.

A demo page can be found here.


See example/example.html for a full example.

  1. Make a contenteditable element, e.g. a <div>:

    <div id="demo" contenteditable="true"></div>
  2. Apply custom caret on it:

  3. Add CSS:

    #demo {
    	/* Set text color to transparent to hide the default caret */
    	color: transparent;
    	/* Use text-shadow to make text visible */
    	text-shadow: 0 0 white;
    /* Customize the look of your caret */
    #caret {
    	border-right: 0.5em solid white;
    	margin-right: -0.5em;
    	animation: blink-animation 1s steps(2, start) infinite;
    @keyframes blink-animation {
    	to {
    		visibility: hidden;


	caretID: _caretID_,
	callback: _callbackFunction_

A <span id= _caretID_ ></span> element will be insert into the contenteditable element as your custom caret. You can adjust the look of it using CSS.

The default ID is #caret. You can also give your own ID:

$("#demo").customCaret({caretID: "myCaret"});


  • Does not handle line break
  • Does not work in Microsoft Edge