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[CCode (cheader_filename = "tricks.h")]
namespace Buffer {
* Create a buffer representation of a particular object.
[CCode (generic_type_pos = 1.1, cname = "OBJECT_TO_BUFFER")]
public unowned uint8[] of<T> (ref T @value);
* Create a buffer representation of an array of objects.
[CCode (generic_type_pos = 1.9, cname = "OBJECT_ARRAY_TO_BUFFER")]
public unowned uint8[] of_array<T> (T[] @value);
* Convert an array of one type to another, where the new array length is the
* maximum number of items that could be stored in the new array given the
* type of the old array.
[CCode (generic_type_pos = 1.9, cname = "OBJECT_ARRAY_TO_ARRAY")]
public unowned U[] change_array<T, U> (T[] @value);
* Convert an array to a array of objects.
[CCode (generic_type_pos = 1.9, cname = "OBJECT_ARRAY_FROM_BUFFER")]
public unowned T[] from_array<T> (uint8[] @value);
[CCode (cname = "BUFFER_SUB_CHUNK")]
public unowned uint8[]? index (uint8[] buffer, int index);
[CCode (cname = "InitialisationFunction", cheader_filename = "tricks.h", has_type_id = false)]
public delegate size_t InitialisationFunction ();
[CCode (cname = "TRICK_FUNC", cheader_filename = "tricks.h")]
public unowned string c_func ();
* Call a function once and cache the result.
* Calls a function once, which returns a non-zero value and caches the
* result. The same once block can be enetered many times, with different
* parameters, and the result will always be the same.
* This is thread-safe.
[CCode (cname = "ONCE", cheader_filename = "tricks.h")]
public void once (out size_t @value, InitialisationFunction func);
* Compute the mean of two numbers without overflow.
* For use only with integer types. If you do this with anything else, you're going to have a bad time.
[CCode (cname = "TRICKY_MEAN", cheader_filename = "tricks.h", simple_generics = true)]
public T mean<T> (T x, T y);
* Swap two values.
[CCode (cname = "VALA_SWAP", cheader_filename = "tricks.h", generic_type_pos = 2.1)]
public void swap<T> (ref T a, ref T b);