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Change url_field to text_field to support "facebook urls"

In order to be able to reuse as much of the OpenID code, we
shoehorn the facebook and MS live identities into a custom "URL",
however this URL is deliberately non valid to not clash with any valid
urls. So we need to disable rails URL check
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apmon committed Sep 9, 2013
1 parent 16cadb1 commit 1f1378c8ad0682afc6019c28a7878fb60359d7d9
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  1. +1 −1 app/views/user/account.html.erb
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@
<div class="form-row">
<label class="standard-label"><%= t 'user.account.openid.openid' %></label>
- <%= f.url_field :openid_url, {:id => "openid_url", :class => "openid_url"} %>
+ <%= f.text_field :openid_url, {:id => "openid_url", :class => "openid_url"} %>
<span class="form-help deemphasize">(<a href="<%= t '' %>" target="_new"><%= t ' text' %></a>)</span>

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