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FrontAccountingERP v2.4.x Extensions Repo


The default Extensions repo for the FrontAccounting (FA) Project is at:

The repo for FA v2.4.x version is at:

These FA extensions comprise:

  • Charts
  • Extensions
  • Languages
  • Themes

Methods and Usage

  • All extensions are archived using ar and have an _init folder having a config details file and SHA1 hashes in files.

  • These files have been extracted and unarchived in plain text form (for code) / native binary formats (for images) here.

  • FA Developers are encouraged to fork this project and add / update these extensions, providing pull requests here.

  • The FA project devs can use this for preparing their new versions of pkg files for use within the FA web interface.

  • FA users can update their modules with the changed files alone.

  • Windows users can bulk unarchive zips using: FOR /R %a IN (*.zip) DO "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" x "%a" -y

  • Online SHA1 Hash Generator

  • Online SHA1 checksum

  • Get all sha1sum values in the extension folder with find . -type f -exec sha1sum \{\} \; > abc.txt

  • Generate _init/files having the SHA1sum values for all files from within an extension folder with: find . -type f -not -path "./_init/files" | xargs sha1sum | sed -e 's# \*\.\/# \/#' | awk '{print $2 ": " $1}' > ./_init/files

  • To recursively re-compute _init/files for all the Charts, execute:

cd Charts
for f in `ls ./`
  if [ -d "$f" ] && [ "$f" != "./" ] && [ "$f" != "../" ]
    cd "$f"
    find . -type f -not -path "./_init/files" | xargs sha1sum | sed -e 's# \*\.\/# \/#' | awk '{print $2 ": " $1}' > ./_init/files
    cd "$PWDval"


  • This repo will be updated only when I have the time.
  • Files here are provided without any warranty / claims / support whatsoever.
  • All copyrights remain those of the respective authors / FA Project.