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Front Accounting - a web based ERP
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FAMods Dutch (nl_NL) installer translation fixed Apr 21, 2019
extensions Dutch nl_NL core and installer language translations fully done Apr 20, 2019 Added Online SHA1 checksum link to Jun 23, 2017 No real changes to FA 2.3 extensions repo Sep 2, 2016 Backup file script now has Shell Commands execution feature added Dec 22, 2014


  • This is an unofficial Git Repo for frontaccounting and it's extensions / utilities.
  • Currently only the official v2.3.x branch is supported here.
  • My mods and pending commits to the core are in the FAMods folder and documented in the FA 2.3 Support Wiki.
  • Column Widths for large transaction numbers in reports discussed in the forum can be backported.
  • DB Schema has been frozen for this version and any changes will break normal upgradeability.
  • DB Schema can be optimised as in FAMods/sql/alter_to_latest.sql

Official Links:

The official FrontAccounting Source Tree uses Git on SourceForge since 2015-03-29 and has been officially mirrored on GitHub from 2015-03-29 onwards.


  • This repo will be updated only when I have the time.
  • It is meant to enable easy localised forking on GitHub from any release.
  • It can be used to study differences for migration between versions where individual proficiency in using GIT is better than in using Mercurial.
  • Like any development code repo, code here should be used with care.
  • Do not be fooled that any snapshot is well tested stable release, while in many times it is not.
  • Using full random snapshots of FA repo is officially unwelcome.
  • FA Repo code is placed here for study, development and local deployment only especially where internet is not available.
  • FA versions are not released too often in order to provide a minimal acceptable level of stability, which is important especially in accounting software.
  • Any changes in the code that are not yet in the official repo is listed in FAMods/CHANGELOG_apmuthu.txt.

Third Party Connects

  • WordPress Connect: WP SVN. The original repo is empty now.
  • Import active Frontaccounting items into wordpress as posts.


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