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  • Rails 3

  • jQuery

  • yield :scripts in your footer

How to use:


In your view:

<%= async_partial :partial_name %>

This will assume:

  • the partial is at the root of the current controller, and it's name is _partial_name


In your view:

<%= async_partial "/shared/my_partial", :controller => "feeds", :action => "retrieve_feeds", :options => { :user_id => 1 } %>

Everything you pass in options will be available in the controller's params.

In your FeedsController:

#you must declare your method with (params)
def retrieve_feeds(params)
  #return a hash with whatever you want
  #All variables you pass there will be available as locals in your partial
  { :feeds => Feed.find_feeds_of_user(params[:user_id]) }

In your partial /shared/my_partial:

<% feeds.each do |feed| %>
   <div> Feed: <%= feed.content %> </div>
<% end %>


When you do <%= async_partial :partial_name %>, the existence of the method partial_name is automatically checked.

And your hash of locals is retrieved from it if existence confirmed.