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Add showInfowindow method to Markers #306

excid3 opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I wanted to propose adding a method like this to the Marker classes:

  showInfowindow : () ->
    @controller._closeVisibleInfoWindow(), @serviceObject)
    @controller._setVisibleInfoWindow @infowindow

We've got this method:

  _openInfowindow : () ->
    that = @
    return ->
      # Close the latest selected marker before opening the current one.
      that.controller._closeVisibleInfoWindow(), that.serviceObject)
      that.controller._setVisibleInfoWindow that.infowindow

Which is very similar and wondered what your thoughts were on adding something like this. It makes it really easy for me to add a "View on Map" link that I can use a data attribute to quickly find the marker and show the infowindow like so:

  $('.marker-link').on 'click', ->
    id = $(this).data("marker-id")
    marker = $.grep, (e) -> is id

Figured this might be useful, but wanted to get some feedback before I submitted a pull request.


what about:

showInfowindow : () ->

Yes if that works! (I'm not great at javascript yet). Just mainly wanted a simpler way to find and show the infowindow from javascript.


I'm revisiting this pretty late, but I can confirm that your code does work for me. (and it's a lot simpler :smile:)

I can submit a pull request for this on just Google Maps, but I'm not familiar with how to do this on OpenLayers or Bing maps since I've never used them. I imagine it'd be useful to have on each, so do you know which docs to point me to and I'll see about adding this for the other providers?

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