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js, stylesheet, and images are being served empty by apache #4

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Alex Vorobiev Benjamin Roth
Alex Vorobiev

hi there,

thanks for the work on the gem! followed instructions (production env has config.serve_static_assets = true). but apache serves the js, stylesheet, and the marker file as empty.

using apache 2.2.17, rails 3.0.4, gmaps4rails 0.3

in fact, what config.serve_static_assets is set to makes no difference. i get no errors in the production log, or apache logs, and if i try to fetch the files directly (/images/marker.png, for instance), they come back empty

is the gem not being able to find the bundled files? permission issue?

thanks in advance

Benjamin Roth

I posted a question concerning static assets on stack overflow.

Setting it to true should do the trick.

If for some reason it fails, just copy paste the files from the /public directory of the gem.

I think I'll make some installer to achieve this soon so that it would be clear for everyone.

Alex Vorobiev

thanks. that's exactly what i did - copied the necessary files by hand.

on a different note - i have run into a jquery + ujs driver + google maps issue (described here rails/jquery-ujs#116). is that something you have seen?


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