Rails 3 - Ajax Upload + Crop with Paperclip
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Rails 3 - Ajax Upload + Crop with Paperclip

Branch Master:

Using this great plugin: github.com/blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload

Still needs error handling + delete picture.

Branch Uploadify:

Implementation of Uploadify in Rails3 + crop in Ajax.

To make it work:

  • clone it from github

  • install all dependencies with 'bundle install'

  • create the database with 'rake db:migrate'

  • fire it up with 'rails server'

  • visit localhost:3000/

Uploadify works well for multiple files handling.

  • in profiles/_form, set multi to true

  • in pictures controller, remove the test of previous picture existence in create

You'll see that all pictures are stored (I didn't bothered to display them for now)

More info:

I added 'ADD THIS' in the relevant files It's NOT a social app so user model is a fake as well as profile