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Revision history for Perl extension POE::Devel::Benchmarker
* 0.06
POD tweaks and typo fixes
Cleanup Build.PL and remove a lot of tests in favor of Test::Apocalypse
Fixed a bug where the Benchmarker wouldn't recognize old test runs and skip them
Add File::Spec so we are more portable, yay!
POE::Loop::Event wasn't benchmarked - added to the list
Probing for Wx enabled but it still doesn't work :(
Finally fired up a FreeBSD VM and confirmed that POE::Loop::Kqueue works - added to the list
Tweaked the loop loader routines to take advantage of the POE_EVENT_LOOP env var
Finally enabled the XS loops, yay!
Bumped YAML output version to ensure sanity
Added the BenchmarkOutput plugin to the Imager for output similar to
Added the type option to imager()
* 0.05
Minor tweaks on the YAML output ( nothing new, hah! )
Added the socket tests, yay! ( still need more work so we test various methods of socket creation )
Some more tweaks to the BasicStatistics plugin for prettier graphs
Lots of refactoring to get things cleaned up :)
Added test versioning, so we make sure we're processing the right version :)
added examples/ to satisfy kwalitee requirements, ha!
* 0.04
Started work on the image generator ( Imager ) and added the BasicStatistics plugin, yay!
Added automatic "pick up where we left off" to the benchmarker
Added the freshstart option to benchmark()
Tweaked the GetPOEdists sub so it will work in the "work directory" and in the poedists dir
Tweaked the YAML output so it's smaller
Removed POE::Loop::Wx from autoprobing ( I'm unable to get it to work )
Removed POE::Loop::Kqueue from autoprobing ( I'm unable to get it to work )
Hardcoded the Benchmarker routines to skip POE < 0.13 ( I'm unable to get it to work )
* 0.03
Added the loop option to benchmark(), thanks dngor!
Added the poe option to benchmark(), thanks dngor!
Added the noxsqueue option to benchmark()
Added the noasserts option to benchmark()
Automatically enable noxsqueue option if we cannot load POE::XS::Queue::Array, saving time
Bump Test::More version requirement because some people reported failures with note()
Fixed bug in SubProcess where it crashed on old POEs that didn't load IO::Handle
More documentation additions/tweaks
* 0.02
Added the Analyzer module ( and dump YAML files, yay! )
A lot of minor changes+tweaks to get a better dump format
* 0.01
initial release