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Revision history for Perl extension POE::Component::Fuse
* 0.05
Fixed bad Test::Apocalypse check
* 0.04
I mistakenly thought "hv_stores()" was a good API to use, but it was added in perl 5.10! ( thanks agaran! )
Added Devel::PPPort functionality via ppport.h, so it's more portable now ( thanks woggle! )
Added Module::Build::Compat passthrough functionality, so Makefile.PL *should* work now, ha! ( thanks agaran! )
Removed the tons of author tests and replaced with a clean 1-file solution ( Test::Apocalypse )
* 0.03
Removed Makefile.PL auto-generation because it was missing the XS compilation stuff
made the optional prereqs a real prereq because I was getting FAILs :(
* 0.02
added support for Filesys::Virtual::Async
added some more options
fixed stupid mode screwup in examples/
allowed both session/fvilesys arg but be more smarter about it, so we can inform session of shutdown
POD tweaks
added "rmdir" option
* 0.01
initial release
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