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0.038 - Apocalypse is now maintaining this module, thanks to Martijn for letting me do that!
- Lots of misc tweaks to POD/Build.PL/stuff :)
- Removed Module::Install in favor of Module::Build - yell at me if you have problems!
- Added patch from RT#55279 to fix 'POE_EVENT_LOOP="Glib" perl -MPOE -e 1' bug
- Added patch from RT#53302 to fix filehandle watcher bug
- Bumped POE::Test::Loops prereq to 1.034 so we can use the new =begin/=end syntax and more tests!
- Fixed RT#49742 'POE::Kernel->run() doesn't return immed. if no sessions', thanks Rocco Caputo for the fix!
0.037 - fix provides so PAUSE picks up our version again.
0.0036 - Suppress redefinition warnings
- Update our POE::Test::Loops requirement since it has new tests
0.0035 - Use new POE::Test::Loops to generate the tests at build time
0.0034 - Switch to Module::Install
0.0033 - Include the POE::Test::Loops tests in the dist for now
0.0031 - Merge into since there are no other Glib
based loops anymore
- improve kwalitee
- list POE::Test::DondeEstan as (build) requirement
0.0030 - Use POE::Test::Loops
- Add an exeption handler to exit the loop and rethrows the exeption
earlier - lost in the mists of time