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Revision history for Perl extension POE::Component::SimpleDBI.
Converted to Dist::Zilla for the release process!
Added better caching control in the SubProcess - resolves a memory leak, thanks Andrew Feren and wirelessdreamer!
Added the CACHEDKIDS argument to CONNECT
Minor POD tweaks
Fixed RT#45948 ( Database doesn't reconnect when child died ) - thanks Paul Williams!
Fixed RT#48237 ( use of exit causes crashes in threaded code (MsWin32) ) - thanks Andrew Feren!
Fixed RT#48400 ( BAGGAGE not a valid argument for CONNECT ) - thanks Andrew Feren!
BAGGAGE is now a valid argument for CONNECT/DISCONNECT
Fixed RT#43408 ( fix "Modification of a read-only value attempted at" error at shutdown ) - thanks acferen!
Fixed RT#43442 ( tweak binmode for MSWin32 ) - thanks acferen!
Added link to the repository in the POD
Added link to CPAN::Forum in the POD
Kwalitee-related fixes ( moved to Test::Apocalypse )
Fixed RT#42890 ( tweaked Wheel::Run arguments on Win32, please yell at me if it doesn't work for you! )
Added sigCHLD management
Kwalitee-related fixes
Bumped Test::More prereq to 0.86 because I was getting FAIL reports from outdated people :(
Switched to Build.PL for the build system
Fixed the stupid test dependencies, thanks BiNGOs!
Added the new EXPERIMENTAL 'ATOMIC' support, please let me know if it's broken on your setup!
Added some more author tests
Added AUTO_COMMIT argument to CONNECT to control the DBI variable ( defaults to true )
Kwalitee-related fixes
silence warnings when used with DBD::SQLite - thanks to Sjors Gielen for tracking this down!
Added the INSERT_ID to control $dbh->last_insert_id usage
Added the PREPARE_CACHED argument to control caching
Ignore the DBI error for last_insert_id and default to undef
Added "INSERTID" to the result of DO
Noticed a glaring documentation bug
- SINGLE queries return mixedCaps rows ( not lowercase! )
- MULTIPLE queries return lowercase rows
This makes me *VERY* tempted to fix SINGLE to return lowercase, is this a good idea? Let me know!
Fixed SimpleDBI failure on Win32 - thanks RT #23851
Thanks to Fred Castellano, who stumbled on a DEADLOCK bug, fixed!
Added sanity tests to CONNECT/DISCONNECT
learned about the difference between ref $self and ref( $self )
Kwalitee-related fixes
Finally use a Changes file - thanks RT #18981
Fixed a bug in SINGLE if returned_rows = 0 it will not return undef, but give us blank rows!
Documentation tweaks
In the SubProcess, added a binmode() to STDIN and STDERR, for the windows attempt
Added code to make SimpleDBI work in Win32 boxes, thanks to the recent Wheel::Run patches!
Documentation tweaks as usual
Hannes had a problem:
His IRC bot logs events to a database, and sometimes there is no events to log after
hours and hours of inactivity ( must be a boring channel haha ), the db server disconnected!
The solution was to do a $dbh->ping() before each query, if your DBI driver does it inefficiently, go yell at them!
In the event that a reconnect is not possible, an error will be sent to the CONNECT event handler, look at the updated pod.
Fixed a bug in the DO routine, thanks to Hannes!
Removed the abstract LIMIT 1 to the SINGLE query
Removed the silly 5.8.x requirement in Makefile.PL
Made the SubProcess use less memory by exec()ing itself
Added the new CONNECT/DISCONNECT commands
Removed the db connection information from new()
Minor tweaks here and there to not stupidly call() the queue checker when there is nothing to check :)
Added the sysreaderr debugging output
More intelligent SQL/PLACEHOLDERS/BAGGAGE handling
Made the command arguments more stricter, it will only accept valid arguments, instead of just extracting what it needs
Made sure all return data have ID/EVENT/SESSION/ACTION in them for easy debugging
Added the SESSION parameter to all commands for easy redirection
Updated the POD and generally made it better :)
Added a new command -> Clear_Queue ( clears the queue )
In the SubProcess, removed the select statement requirement
In the SubProcess, fixed a silly mistake in DO's execution of placeholders
Cleaned up a few error messages in the SubProcess
Peppered the code with *more* DEBUG statements :)
Replaced a croak() with a die() when it couldn't connect to the database
Documented the _child events
Fixed some typos in the POD
Added the BAGGAGE option
Fixed some typos in the POD
Fixed the DEBUG + MAX_RETRIES "Subroutine redefined" foolishness
Got rid of the EVENT_S and EVENT_E handlers, replaced with a single EVENT handler
Internal changes to get rid of some stuff -> Send_Query / Send_Wheel
Added the Delete_Query event -> Deletes an query via ID
Changed the DO/MULTIPLE/SINGLE/QUOTE events to return an ID ( Only usable if call'ed )
Made sure that the ACTION key is sent back to the EVENT handler every time
Added some DEBUG stuff :)
Added the CHANGES section
Fixed some typos in the POD
Increments refcount for querying sessions so they don't go away
POD formatting
Consolidated shutdown and shutdown_NOW into one single event
General formatting in program
DB connection error handling
Renamed the result hash: RESULTS to RESULT for better readability
SubProcess -> added DBI connect failure handling
Initial release
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