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Revision history for Perl extension POE::Component::Server::SimpleHTTP.
* 1.13
learned about the difference between ref $self and ref( $self )
Kwalitee-related fixes
* 1.12
Finally use a Changes file - thanks RT #18981
Added some debug stuff
Cleanup of POD files
Fixed a long-standing bug of closing requests if they sent a EOF
Removed the PreFork test ( cannot disable if told installer to not install it! )
* 1.11
Fixed the bug where no HEADERS resulted in a explosion, thanks BinGOs!
PreForking added, look at SimpleHTTP::PreFork, thanks Stephen!
* 1.10
Rearranged some DEBUG printouts
Added some more 'return 1;' for POEization
Added experimental SSL support via PoCo::SSLify
* 1.09
Fixed a small bug regarding the timing of SHUTDOWN GRACEFUL
I always forget to supply the session parameter to $kernel->call() :X
* 1.08
Made the SHUTDOWN event more smarter with the 'GRACEFUL' argument
Added the STARTLISTEN event to complement the STOPLISTEN event
Caught a minor bug -> If the client closed the socket and SimpleHTTP got an socket error, it will delete the wheel, resulting in confusion when we get the DONE/CLOSE event
Added $response->connection->dead boolean argument to check for the presence of a dead client
Re-jigging of internals ;)
Documented the only way to leak memory in SimpleHTTP ( hopefully heh )
Added the end-run leak checking to bite programmers that discard SimpleHTTP::Response objects :-)
I am considering putting SimpleHTTP::Response, HTTP::Request, SimpleHTTP::Connection into one super-object, called SimpleHTTP::Request
This object will have the HTTP::Request, HTTP::Response, SimpleHTTP::Connection objects hanging off it:
$client->request() # HTTP::Request
$client->response() # HTTP::Response
$client->connection() # SimpleHTTP::Connection
If I get enough ayes from people, I will go ahead and implement this change for a cleaner design.
E-MAIL me your opinion or it will be ignored :)
* 1.07
Added the STOPLISTEN event, to make it shutdown the listening socket to help larger programs shutdown cleanly
Removed the CHANGES file, as it is redundant :)
Added "return 1;" everywhere I could to avoid the nasty copy-on-exit POE bug squashed in 1.05
* 1.06
Fixed SHUTDOWN to cleanly kill sockets, checking for definedness first
Fixed new() to remove options that exist, but is undef -> results in croaking when DEBUG is on
Added the CLOSE event to kill sockets without sending any output
* 1.05
Got rid of POE::Component::Server::TCP and replaced it with POE::Wheel::SocketFactory for speed/efficiency
As the documentation for POE::Filter::HTTPD says, updated POD to reflect the HTTP::Request/Response issue
Got rid of SimpleHTTP::Request, due to moving of the Connection object to Response
-> Found a circular leak by having SimpleHTTP::Connection in SimpleHTTP::Request, to get rid of it, moved it to Response
-> Realized that sometimes HTTP::Request will be undef, so how would you get the Connection object?
Internal tweaking to save some memory
Added the MAX_RETRIES subroutine
More extensive DEBUG statements
POD updates
Paul Visscher tracked down the HTTP::Request object leak, thanks!
Cleaned up the Makefile.PL
Benchmarked and found a significant speed difference between post()ing and call()ing the DONE event
-> The call() method is ~8% faster
-> However, the chance of connecting sockets timing out is greater...
* 1.04
Fixed a bug reported by Tim Wood about socket disappearing
Fixed *another* bug in the Connection object, pesky CaPs! ( Again, reported by Tim Wood )
* 1.03
POD updates
Fixed SimpleHTTP::Connection to get rid of the funky CaPs
* 1.02
Small fix regarding the Got_Error routine for Wheel::ReadWrite
* 1.01
Initial Revision