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Revision history for Perl extension POE::Component::Server::SOAP.
* 1.14
Converted to Build.PL
Removed stupid Test::* module requirements, thanks BiNGOs!
revamped test suite to modernize it
* 1.13
removed Test::* modules from dependency list - thanks RT #36725
dos2unix fixes - thanks RT #36704
added Build.PL
* 1.12
Kwalitee-related fixes
* 1.11
Added ability to override HTTP return code - thanks RT #25514
Minor updates to examples for SOAP::Lite update
* 1.10
Documentation tweaks
Finally use a Changes file - thanks RT #18981
learned about the difference between ref $self and ref( $self )
Kwalitee-related fixes
* 1.09
Yann Kerherv� spotted a bug where having no Content-Type results in a warning -> which dies...
This is long overdue - thanks again!
* 1.08
vkroll @ #POE @ MAGNet made some excellent suggestions
- print the exact SOAP envelope to stderr if DEBUG == 2
- the ability to generate the XML yourself, added the RAWDONE/RAWFAULT events
Realized that the examples were using ssl, I did not supply directions so the ssl part was removed
Hopefully by the next release or two, full SOAP/1.2 support will be included ( also waiting on SOAP::Lite to get out of beta )
The next release will have the option to "attach" to an existing SimpleHTTP session ( so there is 1 less webserver running, yay! )
* 1.07
Made the documentation clearer for ADDRESS, thanks to Kaare Rasmussen!
* 1.06
Rearranged DEBUG printouts
Added ability to pass arguments to SimpleHTTP ( mainly for the SSL stuff )
* 1.05
Some minor internal tweaks
POD tweaks
* 1.04
Big change! The deserializer is now hooked into SOAP::Lite for full SOAP/1.1 interop :)
Big change! The output envelope is now hooked into SOAP::Lite instead of SOAP::EnvelopeMaker :)
Made debugging more productive by adding service/method/IP to output
Got rid of the CHANGES file, it is redundant ;)
The headers is now an arrayref of SOAP::Header objects ( if any )
Got rid of SOAP::Defs, replaced them with SOAP::Constants ( from SOAP::Lite )
Added the MUSTUNDERSTAND parameter to new()
* 1.03
I realized that I didn't like having the SOAP Fault event called "ERROR" and changed it to "FAULT" :)
Fixed the Fault Code in the SYNOPSIS from Add:Error to the more SOAPy one
Rocco Caputo helped me with some POD errors/typos/stuff
Fixed new() to remove options that exist, but is undef -> results in croaking when DEBUG is on
* 1.02
POD Formatting ( I'm still not an expert )
I forgot to add the test to the MANIFEST, so the distribution had no tests... *gah*
* 1.01
Took over ownership of this module from Rocco Caputo
Broke just about everything :)
* 0.03
Old version from Rocco Caputo