Rust JSONRPC library
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Rust JSONRPC Client

Rudimentary support for sending JSONRPC 2.0 requests and receiving responses.

To send a request which should retrieve the above structure, consider the following example code

extern crate jsonrpc;
extern crate serde;
#[macro_use] extern crate serde_derive;

struct MyStruct {
    elem1: bool,
    elem2: String,
    elem3: Vec<usize>

fn main() {
    // The two Nones are for user/pass for authentication
    let mut client = jsonrpc::client::Client::new("".to_owned(), None, None);
    let request = client.build_request("getmystruct".to_owned(), vec![]);
    match client.send_request(&request).and_then(|res| res.into_result::<MyStruct>()) {
        Ok(mystruct) => // Ok!
        Err(e) => // Not so much.