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One stop checkout and build for BUTool on the Apollo platform
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Apollo Tool

This repo is to simplify building the BUTool & friends software for the Apollo SM Petalinux system via cross compiling.

Currently this adds the BUTool-IPBus-helpers, ApolloSM_plugin, and genericIPBus_plugin.

Common pre-req's

  • petalinux 2018.2
  • boost-devel
  • readline-devel
  • ld

How-to (in the end)

  • make
  • cd BUTool; ZYNQ_IP= ./make/
  • Yay! you are done!

How-to currently


  • Simplify the petalinux image use by downloading tagged releases of the system images.
  • Add option to automatically checkout and build ipbus or use an existing installation
  • Add IPMI plugin to build system
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