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PyJenkinsCI is a test Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) for Python projects, compatible with Mac OSX and Ubuntu systems. This project runs standard code quality checks, and a JMeter stress performance test. This project should not be deployed into production!!! It is for demonstration and learning uses only.

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Run test project

  • use a Mac, or Ubuntu system
  • enable remote SSH access
  • install VirtualBox and Vagrant
  • git clone project into "~/Sites" folder
  • configure the ssh HOST_USER and HOST_PASS in "/data/"
  • open a Terminal, cd "/vagrant", run "vagrant up"
  • wait for provisioning to finish, usually 2 to 10 minutes
  • open browser, go to ""
  • click on "discover-flask-vagrant"
  • click "Build Now"
  • wait for project to build


To Do:

  • add Gauntlt
  • add Windows Host support
  • add Selenium, WebDriver, and Protractor
  • add Snort
  • add Nagios

Add Another Jenkins Project

If you would like to add your own project, here are the steps to take:

Create New Project

  • Item name: discover-flask-vagrant
  • Freestyle Project

Source Code Management


  • "Add build step"
  • Execute shell
  • Command: "sh /vagrant/"

Post-build Actions

Report Violations

  • pylint: **/pylint.out

Publish JUnit test result report

  • Test report XMLs: **/nosetests.xml

Public Cobertura Coverage Report

  • Cobertura xml report pattern: **/coverage.xml

Publish SLOCCount analysis results

  • SLOCCount reports: **/

Publish Performance test result report

  • Add a new report > JMeter
  • Report files: **/jmeter.jtl


Update pathways in

Add "/www/" script to project

Build Now

Enjoy the show!