An Apollo with Angular full-stack example app: vote for your favorite GitHub repos!
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GitHunt Angular2

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An example of a client-side app built with Angular2 and Apollo Client.

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Running the app

0. This repository is only the Angular frontend.

Run the GitHunt API first. (This is temporary, until we have a permanently hosted demo server.)

1. Install Node/npm

Make sure you have Node.js installed (the app has been tested with Node 4.4.5 and 5.3.0)

2. Clone and install dependencies

git clone
cd GitHunt-angular2
npm install

3. Run the app

npm start
  • Open the client at http://localhost:3000
  • Click "Log in with GitHub" in the upper right corner
  • You'll be presented with the seed items in the app

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Submit a Repo

Click the green Submit button and add repo with the username/repo-name pattern.

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New Item

Review the new item, up vote it and visit the repo via the link.
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