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Apollo Client 3.0.0 (TBD - not yet released)

⚠️ Note: As of 3.0.0, Apollo Client uses a new package name: @apollo/client


  • [BREAKING] InMemoryCache will no longer merge the fields of written objects unless the objects are known to have the same identity, and the values of fields with the same name will not be recursively merged unless a custom merge function is defined by a field policy for that field, within a type policy associated with the __typename of the parent object.
    @benjamn in #5603

  • [BREAKING] Eliminate "generated" cache IDs to avoid normalizing objects with no meaningful ID, significantly reducing cache memory usage. This is a backwards-incompatible change if your code depends on the precise internal representation of normalized data in the cache.
    @benjamn in #5146

  • [BREAKING] Removed graphql-anywhere since it's no longer used by Apollo Client.
    @hwillson in #5159

  • [BREAKING] Removed apollo-boost since Apollo Client 3.0 provides a boost like getting started experience out of the box.
    @hwillson in #5217

  • [BREAKING] The queryManager property of ApolloClient instances is now marked as private, paving the way for a more aggressive redesign of its API.

  • [BREAKING] FragmentMatcher, HeuristicFragmentMatcher, and IntrospectionFragmentMatcher have all been removed. We now recommend using InMemoryCache’s possibleTypes option instead. For more information see the Defining possibleTypes manually section of the docs.
    @benjamn in #5073

  • [BREAKING] As promised in the Apollo Client 2.6 blog post, all cache results are now frozen/immutable.
    @benjamn in #5153

  • [BREAKING] ApolloClient is now only available as a named export. The default ApolloClient export has been removed.
    @hwillson in #5425

  • [BREAKING] The QueryOptions, MutationOptions, and SubscriptionOptions React Apollo interfaces have been renamed to QueryDataOptions, MutationDataOptions, and SubscriptionDataOptions (to avoid conflicting with similarly named and exported Apollo Client interfaces).

  • [BREAKING] We are no longer exporting certain (intended to be) internal utilities. If you are depending on some of the lesser known exports from apollo-cache, apollo-cache-inmemory, or apollo-utilities, they may no longer be available from @apollo/client.
    @hwillson in #5437 and #5514

  • [BREAKING?] Remove fixPolyfills.ts, except when bundling for React Native. If you have trouble with Map or Set operations due to frozen key objects in React Native, either update React Native to version 0.59.0 (or 0.61.x, if possible) or investigate why fixPolyfills.native.js is not included in your bundle.
    @benjamn in #5962

  • [BREAKING] Apollo Client 2.x allowed @client fields to be passed into the link chain if resolvers were not set in the constructor. This allowed @client fields to be passed into Links like apollo-link-state. Apollo Client 3 enforces that @client fields are local only, meaning they are no longer passed into the link chain, under any circumstances.
    @hwillson in #5982

  • [BREAKING] InMemoryCache now throws when data with missing or undefined query fields is written into the cache, rather than just warning in development.
    @benjamn in #6055

  • [BREAKING] client|cache.writeData have been fully removed. writeData usage is one of the easiest ways to turn faulty assumptions about how the cache represents data internally, into cache inconsistency and corruption. client|cache.writeQuery, client|cache.writeFragment, and/or cache.modify can be used to update the cache.
    @benjamn in #5923

  • [BREAKING] Apollo Client will no longer deliver "stale" results to ObservableQuery consumers, but will instead log more helpful errors about which cache fields were missing.
    @benjamn in #6058

  • [BREAKING] ApolloError's thrown by Apollo Client no longer prefix error messages with GraphQL error: or Network error:. To differentiate between GraphQL/network errors, refer to ApolloError's public graphQLErrors and networkError properties.
    @lorensr in #3892

  • [BREAKING] Support for the @live directive has been removed, but might be restored in the future if a more thorough implementation is proposed.
    @benjamn in #6221

  • [BREAKING?] Refactor QueryManager to make better use of observables and enforce fetchPolicy more reliably.
    @benjamn in #6221

  • InMemoryCache now supports tracing garbage collection and eviction. Note that the signature of the evict method has been simplified in a potentially backwards-incompatible way.
    @benjamn in #5310

  • [beta-BREAKING] Please note that the cache.evict method now requires Cache.EvictOptions, though it previously supported positional arguments as well.
    @danReynolds in #6141 @benjamn in #6364

  • Cache methods that would normally trigger a broadcast, like cache.evict, cache.writeQuery, and cache.writeFragment, can now be called with a named options object, which supports a broadcast: boolean property that can be used to silence the broadcast, for situations where you want to update the cache multiple times without triggering a broadcast each time.
    @benjamn in #6288

  • InMemoryCache now console.warns in development whenever non-normalized data is dangerously overwritten, with helpful links to documentation about normalization and custom merge functions.
    @benjamn in #6372

  • The contents of the @apollo/react-hooks package have been merged into @apollo/client, enabling the following all-in-one import:

    import { ApolloClient, ApolloProvider, useQuery } from '@apollo/client';

    @hwillson in #5357

  • Apollo Link core and HTTP related functionality has been merged into @apollo/client. Functionality that was previously available through the apollo-link, apollo-link-http-common and apollo-link-http packages is now directly available from @apollo/client (e.g. import { HttpLink } from '@apollo/client'). The ApolloClient constructor has also been updated to accept new uri, headers and credentials options. If uri is specified, Apollo Client will take care of creating the necessary HttpLink behind the scenes.
    @hwillson in #5412

  • The gql template tag should now be imported from the @apollo/client package, rather than the graphql-tag package. Although the graphql-tag package still works for now, future versions of @apollo/client may change the implementation details of gql without a major version bump.
    @hwillson in #5451

  • @apollo/client/core can be used to import the Apollo Client core, which includes everything the main @apollo/client package does, except for all React related functionality.
    @kamilkisiela in #5541

  • @apollo/client/cache can be used to import the Apollo Client cache without importing other parts of the Apollo Client codebase.
    @hwillson in #5577

  • The result caching system (introduced in #3394) now tracks dependencies at the field level, rather than at the level of whole entity objects, allowing the cache to return identical (===) results much more often than before.
    @benjamn in #5617

  • InMemoryCache now has a method called modify which can be used to update the value of a specific field within a specific entity object:

      id: cache.identify(post),
      fields: {
        comments(comments: Reference[], { readField }) {
          return comments.filter(comment => idToRemove !== readField("id", comment));

    This API gracefully handles cases where multiple field values are associated with a single field name, and also removes the need for updating the cache by reading a query or fragment, modifying the result, and writing the modified result back into the cache. Behind the scenes, the cache.evict method is now implemented in terms of cache.modify.
    @benjamn in #5909 and #6178

  • InMemoryCache provides a new API for storing client state that can be updated from anywhere:

    const v = cache.makeVar(123)
    console.log(v()) // 123
    console.log(v(v() + 1)) // 124
    console.log(v()) // 124
    v("asdf") // TS type error

    These variables are reactive in the sense that updating their values invalidates any previously cached query results that depended on the old values.
    @benjamn in #5799

  • Various cache read and write performance optimizations, cutting read and write times by more than 50% in larger benchmarks.
    @benjamn in #5948

  • The cache.readQuery and cache.writeQuery methods now accept an string, which eliminates most use cases for cache.readFragment and cache.writeFragment, and skips the implicit conversion of fragment documents to query documents performed by cache.{read,write}Fragment.
    @benjamn in #5930

  • Several deprecated methods have been fully removed:

    • ApolloClient#initQueryManager
    • QueryManager#startQuery
    • ObservableQuery#currentResult
  • Support cache.identify(entity) for easily computing entity ID strings.
    @benjamn in #5642

  • Support eviction of specific entity fields using cache.evict(id, fieldName).
    @benjamn in #5643

  • Make InMemoryCache#evict remove data from all EntityStore layers.
    @benjamn in #5773

  • Stop paying attention to previousResult in InMemoryCache.
    @benjamn in #5644

  • Improve optimistic update performance by limiting cache key diversity.
    @benjamn in #5648

  • Custom field read functions can read from neighboring fields using the readField(fieldName) helper, and may also read fields from other entities by calling readField(fieldName, objectOrReference).
    @benjamn in #5651

  • Utilities that were previously externally available through the apollo-utilities package are now only available by importing from @apollo/client/utilities.
    @hwillson in #5683

  • Make sure all graphql-tag public exports are re-exported.
    @hwillson in #5861

  • Fully removed prettier. The Apollo Client team has decided to no longer automatically enforce code formatting across the codebase. In most cases existing code styles should be followed as much as possible, but this is not a hard and fast rule.
    @hwillson in #5227

  • Make sure ApolloContext plays nicely with IE11 when storing the shared context.
    @ms in #5840

  • Expose cache modify and identify to the mutate update function.
    @hwillson in #5956

  • Add a default gc implementation to ApolloCache.
    @justinwaite in #5974

  • Updated to work with graphql@15.
    @durchanek in #6194 and #6279
    @hagmic in #6328

  • Apollo Client now supports setting a new ApolloLink (or link chain) after new ApolloClient() has been called, using the ApolloClient#setLink method.
    @hwillson in #6193

Bug Fixes

  • useMutation adjustments to help avoid an infinite loop / too many renders issue, caused by unintentionally modifying the useState based mutation result directly.
    @hwillson in #5770

  • Missing __typename fields no longer cause the InMemoryCache#diff result to be marked complete: false, if those fields were added by InMemoryCache#transformDocument (which calls addTypenameToDocument).
    @benjamn in #5787

  • Fixed an issue that allowed @client @export based queries to lead to extra unnecessary network requests being fired.
    @hwillson in #5946

  • Refined useLazyQuery types to help prevent runtime errors.
    @benmosher in #5935

  • Make sure @client @export variables used in watched queries are updated each time the query receives new data that changes the value of the @export variable.
    @hwillson in #5986

  • Ensure useMutation passes a defined errorPolicy option into its underlying ApolloClient.mutate() call.
    @jamesreggio in #5863

  • useQuery: Prevent new data re-render attempts during an existing render. This helps avoid React 16.13.0's "Cannot update a component from inside the function body of a different component" warning (facebook/react#17099).
    @hwillson in #6107

  • Expand ApolloError typings to include ServerError and ServerParseError.
    @dmarkow in #6319

Apollo Client 2.6.8

Apollo Client (2.6.8)

GraphQL Anywhere (4.2.6)

Apollo Boost (0.4.7)

  • Replace GlobalFetch reference with WindowOrWorkerGlobalScope.
    @abdonrd in #5373

  • Add assumeImmutableResults typing to apollo boost PresetConfig interface.
    @bencoullie in #5571

Apollo Client (2.6.4)

Apollo Client (2.6.4)

Apollo Client (2.6.3)

Apollo Client (2.6.3)

Apollo Client (2.6.1)

Apollo Utilities 1.3.2

  • Reimplement isEqual without pulling in massive lodash.isequal.
    @benjamn in #4924

Apollo Client (2.6.1)

  • In all Apollo Client packages, the compilation of lib/bundle.esm.js to lib/bundle.cjs.js and lib/bundle.umd.js now uses Babel instead of Rollup, since Babel correctly compiles some edge cases that neither Rollup nor TypeScript compile correctly.
    @benjamn in #4911

Apollo Cache In-Memory 1.6.1

  • Pretend that __typename exists on the root Query when matching fragments.
    @benjamn in #4853

Apollo Utilities 1.3.1

  • The isEqual function has been reimplemented using the lodash.isequal npm package, to better support circular references. Since the lodash.isequal package is already used by react-apollo, this change is likely to decrease total bundle size.
    @capaj in #4915

Apollo Client (2.6.0)

  • In production, invariant(condition, message) failures will now include a unique error code that can be used to trace the error back to the point of failure.
    @benjamn in #4521

Apollo Client 2.6.0

  • If you can be sure your application code does not modify cache result objects (see freezeResults note below), you can unlock substantial performance improvements by communicating this assumption via

    new ApolloClient({ assumeImmutableResults: true })

    which allows the client to avoid taking defensive snapshots of past results using cloneDeep, as explained by @benjamn in #4543.

  • Identical overlapping queries are now deduplicated internally by apollo-client, rather than using the apollo-link-dedup package.
    @benjamn in commit 7cd8479f

  • The FetchPolicy type has been split into two types, so that passing cache-and-network to ApolloClient#query is now forbidden at the type level, whereas previously it was forbidden by a runtime invariant assertion:

    export type FetchPolicy =
      | 'cache-first'
      | 'network-only'
      | 'cache-only'
      | 'no-cache'
      | 'standby';
    export type WatchQueryFetchPolicy =
      | FetchPolicy
      | 'cache-and-network';

    The exception thrown if you ignore the type error has also been improved to explain the motivation behind this restriction.
    Issue #3130 (comment) and commit cf069bc7

  • Avoid updating (and later invalidating) cache watches when fetchPolicy is 'no-cache'.
    @bradleyayers in PR #4573, part of issue #3452

  • Remove temporary queryId after fetchMore completes.
    @doomsower in #4440

  • Call clearStore callbacks after clearing store.
    @ds8k in #4695

  • Perform all DocumentNode transforms once, and cache the results.
    @benjamn in #4601

  • Accommodate @client @export variable changes in ObservableQuery.
    @hwillson in #4604

  • Support the returnPartialData option for watched queries again.
    @benjamn in #4743

  • Preserve networkStatus for incomplete cache-and-network queries.
    @benjamn in #4765

  • Preserve cache-and-network fetchPolicy when refetching.
    @benjamn in #4840

  • Update the React Native docs to remove the request for external example apps that we can link to. We're no longer going to manage a list of external example apps.
    @hwillson in #4531

  • Polling queries are no longer batched together, so their scheduling should be more predictable.
    @benjamn in #4800

Apollo Cache In-Memory 1.6.0

  • Support new InMemoryCache({ freezeResults: true }) to help enforce immutability.
    @benjamn in #4514

  • Allow IntrospectionFragmentMatcher to match fragments against the root Query, as HeuristicFragmentMatcher does.
    @rynobax in #4620

  • Rerential identity (===) of arrays in cache results will now be preserved for unchanged data.
    @benjamn in commit f3091d6a

  • Avoid adding __typename field to @client selection sets that have been @exported as input variables.
    @benjamn in #4784

GraphQL Anywhere 4.2.2

  • The graphql function can now be configured to ignore @include and @skip directives (useful when walking a fragment to generate prop types or filter result data).
    @GreenGremlin in #4373

Apollo Client 2.5.1

apollo-client 2.5.1

  • Fixes A tuple type element list cannot be empty issue.
    @benjamn in #4502

graphql-anywhere 4.2.1

  • Adds back the missing graphql-anywhere/lib/async entry point.
    @benjamn in #4503

Apollo Client (2.5.0)

Apollo Client (2.5.0)

  • Introduces new local state management features (client-side schema and local resolver / @client support) and many overall code improvements, to help reduce the Apollo Client bundle size.
  • Revamped CJS and ESM bundling approach with Rollup.
    @rosskevin in #4261
  • Fixes an issue where the QueryManager was accidentally returning cached data for network-only queries.
    @danilobuerger in #4352
  • Fixed an issue in the repo .gitattributes that was causing binary files to have their line endings adjusted, and cleaned up corrupted documentation images (ref: #4232).
    @rajington in #4438
  • Improve (and shorten) query polling implementation.
    PR #4337

Apollo Client (2.4.13)

Apollo Client (2.4.13)

Apollo Client (2.4.12)

Apollo Client (2.4.12)

  • Support ApolloClient#stop method for safe client disposal.
    PR #4336

Apollo Client (2.4.11)

  • Added explicit dependencies on the tslib package to all client packages to fix Issue #4332.

Apollo Client (2.4.11)

  • Reverted some breaking changes accidentally released in a patch version (2.4.10). PR #4334

Apollo Client (2.4.10)

Apollo Client (2.4.10)

  • The apollo-client package no longer exports a printAST function from graphql/language/printer. If you need this functionality, import it directly: import { print } from "graphql/language/printer"

  • Query polling now uses a simpler scheduling strategy based on a single setTimeout interval rather than multiple setInterval timers. The new timer fires at the rate of the fastest polling interval, and queries with longer polling intervals fire whenever the time elapsed since they last fired exceeds their desired interval.
    PR #4243

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.4.1)

  • The optimism npm package has been updated to a version (0.6.9) that provides its own TypeScript declarations, which should fix problems like Issue #4327.
    PR #4331

  • Error messages involving GraphQL queries now print the queries using JSON.stringify instead of the print function exported by the graphql package, to avoid pulling unnecessary printing logic into your JavaScript bundle.
    PR #4234

  • The QueryKeyMaker abstraction has been removed, meaning that cache results for non-identical queries (or sub-queries) with equivalent structure will no longer be cached together. This feature was a nice optimization in certain specific use cases, but it was not worth the additional complexity or bundle size.
    PR #4245

Apollo Utilities (1.1.1)

  • The flattenSelections helper function is no longer exported from apollo-utilities, since getDirectiveNames has been reimplemented without using flattenSelections, and flattenSelections has no clear purpose now. If you need the old functionality, use a visitor:
    import { visit } from "graphql/language/visitor";
    function flattenSelections(selection: SelectionNode) {
      const selections: SelectionNode[] = [];
      visit(selection, {
        SelectionSet(ss) {
      return selections;

Apollo Client (2.4.9)

Apollo Client (2.4.9)

Apollo Utilities (1.1.0)

  • Transformation utilities have been refactored to work with graphql 14.x. GraphQL AST's are no longer being directly modified.
    @hwillson in #4233

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.4.0)

  • The speed and memory usage of optimistic reads and writes has been improved dramatically using a new layering technique that does not require copying the non-optimistic contents of the cache.
    PR #4319

  • The RecordingCache abstraction has been removed, and thus is no longer exported from apollo-cache-inmemory.
    PR #4319

  • Export the optimism wrap function using ES2015 export syntax, instead of CommonJS.
    @ardatan in #4158

Apollo Client (2.4.8)

Apollo Client (2.4.8)

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.3.12)

  • Avoid using DepTrackingCache for optimistic reads. PR #4521

  • When creating an InMemoryCache object, it's now possible to disable the result caching behavior introduced in #3394, either for diagnostic purposes or because the benefit of caching repeated reads is not worth the extra memory usage in your application:

    new InMemoryCache({
      resultCaching: false

    Part of PR #4521.

Apollo Client (2.4.7)

Apollo Client (2.4.7)

  • The ApolloClient constructor has been updated to accept name and version params, that can be used to support Apollo Server Client Awareness functionality. These client awareness properties are passed into the defined Apollo Link chain, and are then ultimately sent out as custom headers with outgoing requests.
    @hwillson in #4154

Apollo Boost (0.1.22)

  • No changes.

Apollo Cache (1.1.21)

  • No changes.

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.3.11)

  • No changes.

Apollo Utilities (1.0.26)

  • No changes.

Graphql Anywhere (4.1.23)

  • No changes.

Apollo Client (2.4.6)

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.3.10)

  • Added some returns to prevent errors with noImplicitReturns TypeScript rule. PR #4137

  • Exclude the src/ directory when publishing apollo-cache-inmemory. Issue #4083

Apollo Client (2.4.5)

Apollo Cache (1.1.20)

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.3.9)

Apollo Utilities (1.0.25)

  • Fix apollo-utilities isEqual bug due to missing hasOwnProperty check. PR #4072 by @samkline

Apollo Client (2.4.4)

Apollo Utilities (1.0.24)

  • Discard property accessor functions in cloneDeep helper, to fix issue #4034.

  • Unconditionally remove cloneDeep property accessors. PR #4039

  • Avoid copying non-enumerable and/or Symbol keys in cloneDeep. PR #4052

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.3.7)

Apollo Client (2.4.3)

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.3.6)

  • Optimize repeated apollo-cache-inmemory reads by caching partial query results, for substantial performance improvements. As a consequence, watched queries will not be rebroadcast unless the data have changed. PR #3394

  • Include root ID and fragment matcher function in cache keys computed by StoreReader#executeStoreQuery and executeSelectionSet, and work around bugs in the React Native Map and Set polyfills. PR #3964 React Native PR #21492 (pending)

  • The apollo-cache-inmemory package now allows graphql@^14.0.0 as a peer dependency. Issue #3978

  • The apollo-cache-inmemory package now correctly broadcasts changes even when the new data is === to the old data, since the contents of the data object may have changed. Issue #3992 PR #4032

Apollo GraphQL Anywhere (4.1.20)

Apollo Utilities (1.0.22)

  • The fclone package has been replaced with a custom cloneDeep implementation that is tolerant of cycles, symbol properties, and non-enumerable properties. PR #4032

Apollo Boost (0.1.17)

Apollo Cache (1.1.18)

  • No changes.

Apollo Client (2.4.2)

Apollo Client (2.4.2)

  • Apollo Client no longer deep freezes query results. @hwillson in #3883
  • A new clearStore method has been added, that will remove all data from the store. Unlike resetStore, it will not refetch active queries after removing store data. @hwillson in #3885

Apollo Utilities (1.0.21)

  • Replace the custom cloneDeep implementation with fclone, to avoid crashing when encountering circular references.
    @hwillson in #3881

Apollo Boost (0.1.16)

  • No changes.

Apollo Cache (1.1.17)

  • No changes.

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.2.10)

  • No changes.

Apollo GraphQL Anywhere (4.1.19)

  • No changes.

2.4.1 (August 26, 2018)

Apollo Client (2.4.1)

  • mutate's refetchQueries option now allows queries to include a custom context option. This context will be used when refetching the query. For example:

    context = {
      headers: {
        token: 'some auth token',
      variables: {
      refetchQueries: [{
        variables: { userId: },

    The CUSTOMER_MESSAGES_QUERY above will be refetched using context. Normally queries are refetched using the original context they were first started with, but this provides a way to override the context, if needed.
    @hwillson in #3852

  • Documentation updates.
    @hwillson in #3841

Apollo Boost (0.1.15)

  • Various internal infrastructure changes related to building, bundling, testing, etc. @hwillson in #3817

Apollo Cache (1.1.16)

  • Various internal infrastructure changes related to building, bundling, testing, etc. @hwillson in #3817

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.2.9)

  • Various internal infrastructure changes related to building, bundling, testing, etc. @hwillson in #3817

Apollo Utilities (1.0.20)

  • Various internal infrastructure changes related to building, bundling, testing, etc. @hwillson in #3817

Apollo GraphQL Anywhere (4.1.18)

  • Various internal infrastructure changes related to building, bundling, testing, etc. @hwillson in #3817

2.4.0 (August 17, 2018)

Apollo Client (2.4.0)

  • Add proper error handling for subscriptions. If you have defined an error handler on your subscription observer, it will now be called when an error comes back in a result, and the next handler will be skipped (similar to how we're handling errors with mutations). Previously, the error was just passed in the result to the next handler. If you don't have an error handler defined, the previous functionality is maintained, meaning the error is passed in the result, giving the next handler a chance to deal with it. This should help address backwards compatibility (and is the reason for the minor version bumo in this release).
    @clayne11 in #3800
  • Allow an optimistic param to be passed into ApolloClient.readQuery and ApolloClient.readFragment, that when set to true, will allow optimistic results to be returned. Is false by default.
    @jay1337 in #2429
  • Optimistic tests cleanup.
    @joshribakoff in #3713
  • Make sure each package has its own .npmignore, so they're taken into consideration when publishing via lerna.
    @hwillson in #3828
  • Documentation updates.
    @toolness in #3804
    @pungggi in #3798
    @lorensr in #3748
    @joshribakoff in #3730
    @yalamber in #3819
    @pschreibs85 in #3812
    @msreekm in #3808
    @kamaltmo in #3806
    @lorensr in #3739
    @brainkim in #3680

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.2.8)

  • Fix typo in console.warn regarding fragment matching error message.
    @combizs in #3701

Apollo Boost (0.1.14)

  • No changes.

Apollo Cache (1.1.15)

  • No changes.

Apollo Utilities (1.0.19)

  • No changes.

Apollo GraphQL Anywhere (4.1.17)

  • No changes.

2.3.8 (August 9, 2018)

Apollo Client (2.3.8)

Apollo Boost (0.1.13)

  • No changes.

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.2.7)

  • No changes.

Apollo Cache (1.1.14)

  • No changes.

Apollo Utilities (1.0.18)

  • No changes.

Apollo GraphQL Anywhere (4.1.16)

  • No changes.

2.3.7 (July 24, 2018)

Apollo Client (2.3.7)

  • Release 2.3.6 broke Typescript compilation. QueryManager's getQueryWithPreviousResult method included an invalid variables return type in the auto-generated core/QueryManager.d.ts declaration file. The type definition had a locally referenced path, that appears to have been caused by the typescript compiler getting confused at compile/publish time. getQueryWithPreviousResult return types are now excplicity identified, which helps Typescript avoid the local type reference. For more details, see #3729.
    @hwillson in #3731

Apollo Boost (0.1.12)

  • No changes.

2.3.6 (July 24, 2018)

Apollo Client (2.3.6)

Apollo Boost (0.1.11)

  • Allow fetch to be given as a configuration option to ApolloBoost.
    @mbaranovski in #3590
  • The apollo-boost ApolloClient constructor now warns about unsupported options.
    @quentin- in #3551

Apollo Cache (1.1.13)

  • No changes.

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.2.6)

  • Add __typename and id properties to dataIdFromObject parameter (typescript)
    @jfurler in #3641
  • Fixed an issue caused by dataIdFromObject considering returned 0 values to be falsy, instead of being a valid ID, which lead to the store not being updated properly in some cases.
    @hwillson in #3711

Apollo Utilities (1.0.17)

  • No changes.

Apollo GraphQL Anywhere (4.1.15)

  • Add support for arrays to graphql-anywhere's filter utility.
    @jsweet314 in #3591
  • Fix Cannot convert object to primitive value error that was showing up when attempting to report a missing property on an object.
    @benjie in #3618

2.3.5 (June 19, 2018)

Apollo Client (2.3.5)

Apollo Boost (0.1.10)

  • No changes.

Apollo Cache (1.1.12)

  • No changes.

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.2.5)

  • No changes.

Apollo Utilities (1.0.16)

Apollo GraphQL Anywhere (4.1.14)

  • No changes.

2.3.4 (June 13, 2018)

Apollo Client (2.3.4)

  • Export the QueryOptions interface, to make sure it can be used by other projects (like apollo-angular).
  • Fixed an issue caused by typescript changes to the constructor defaultOptions param, that prevented query defaults from passing type checks. (@hwillson in #3585)

Apollo Boost (0.1.9)

  • No changes

Apollo Cache (1.1.11)

  • No changes

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.2.4)

  • No changes

Apollo Utilities (1.0.15)

  • No changes

Apollo GraphQL Anywhere (4.1.13)

  • No changes

2.3.3 (June 13, 2018)

Apollo Client (2.3.3)

  • Typescript improvements. Made observable query parameterized on data and variables: ObservableQuery<TData, TVariables> (@excitement-engineer in #3140)
  • Added optional generics to cache manipulation methods (typescript). (@mvestergaard in #3541)
  • Typescript improvements. Created a new QueryOptions interface that is now used by ApolloClient.query options, instead of the previous WatchQueryOptions interface. This helps reduce confusion (especially in the docs) that made it look like ApolloClient.query accepted ApolloClient.watchQuery only options, like pollingInterval. (@hwillson in #3569)

Apollo Boost (0.1.8)

  • Allow cache to be given as a configuration option to ApolloBoost. (@dandean in #3561)
  • Allow headers and credentials to be passed in as configuration parameters to the apollo-boost ApolloClient constructor. (@rzane in #3098)

Apollo Cache (1.1.10)

  • Added optional generics to cache manipulation methods (typescript). (@mvestergaard in #3541)

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.2.3)

  • Added optional generics to cache manipulation methods (typescript). (@mvestergaard in #3541)
  • Restore non-enumerability of resultFields[ID_KEY]. (@benjamn in #3544)
  • Cache query documents transformed by InMemoryCache. (@benjamn in #3553)

Apollo Utilities (1.0.14)

  • Store key names generated by getStoreKeyName now leverage a more deterministic approach to handling JSON based strings. This prevents store key names from differing when using args like { prop1: 'value1', prop2: 'value2' } and { prop2: 'value2', prop1: 'value1' }. (@gdi2290 in #2869)
  • Avoid needless hasOwnProperty check in deepFreeze. (@benjamn in #3545)

Apollo GraphQL Anywhere (4.1.12)

  • No new changes.

2.3.2 (May 29, 2018)

Apollo Client (2.3.2)

  • Fix SSR and cache-and-network fetch policy (@dastoori in #3372)
  • Fixed an issue where the updateQuery method passed to ObservableQuery.fetchMore was receiving the original query variables, instead of the new variables that it used to fetch more data. (@abhiaiyer91 in #3500)
  • Fixed an issue involving Object.setPrototypeOf() not working on JSC (Android), by instead setting the prototype of this manually. (@seklyza in #3306)
  • Added safeguards to make sure QueryStore.initQuery and QueryStore.markQueryResult don't try to set the network status of a fetchMoreForQueryId query, if it does not exist in the store. This was happening when a query component was unmounted while a fetchMore was still in flight. (@conrad-vanl in #3367, @doomsower in #3469)

Apollo Boost (0.1.7)

  • Various internal code cleanup, tooling and dependency changes.

Apollo Cache (1.1.9)

  • Various internal code cleanup, tooling and dependency changes.

Apollo Cache In-Memory (1.2.2)

  • Fixed an issue that caused fragment only queries to sometimes fail. (@abhiaiyer91 in #3507)
  • Fixed cache invalidation for inlined mixed types in union fields within arrays. (@dferber90 in #3422)

Apollo Utilities (1.0.13)

  • Make maybeDeepFreeze a little more defensive, by always using Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty (to avoid cases where the object being frozen doesn't have its own hasOwnProperty). (@jorisroling in #3418)
  • Remove certain small internal caches to prevent memory leaks when using SSR. (@brunorzn in #3444)

Apollo GraphQL Anywhere (4.1.11)

  • Source files are now excluded when publishing to npm. (@hwillson in #3454)