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# [apollo-link-state](

> ⚠️ **WARNING** ⚠️
> Apollo Client 2.5 is going to be released very shortly, and will include integrated local state handling capabilities. The functionality offered by `apollo-link-state` will be included in the Apollo Client core, which means this project/repository will be deprecated. For those interested in trying out the new integrated local state features of AC, see [apollographql/apollo-client#4155]( (the changes are currently available via `apollo-client@alpha` and `react-apollo@alpha`). We're still in alpha, but will be cutting over to beta soon (so if you have any feedback, please add your comments in [apollographql/apollo-client#4155]( Thanks!

### Manage your local data with Apollo Client!

[**Docs**]( | [**Announcement Post**]( | [**Tutorial Video by Sara Vieira**](

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