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  • Allow GraphQLRequestListener callbacks in plugins to depend on this. PR #2470


  • No functional changes in this version. The patch version has been bumped to fix the displayed on the npm package for apollo-server as a result of a broken publish. Apologies for the additional noise!


  • Fix typings which incorrectly included cors as part of the constructor options for apollo-server-express (it should be defined via applyMiddleware) but, conversely, inadvertently omitted the perfectly valid cors option from the apollo-server constructor (where applyMiddleware is not used/available). PR #2373 Issue #1882



  • apollo-server-express: Export ExpressContext PR #2352


  • Fix typing for ContextFunction incorrectly requiring the context object the function produces to match the parameters of the function PR #2350


  • apollo-server-lambda: Fix typings which triggered "Module has no default export" errors. PR #2230
  • apollo-server-koa: Support OPTIONS requests PR #2288
  • Add req and res typings to the ContextFunction argument for apollo-server and apollo-server-express. Update ContextFunction return type to allow returning a value syncronously. PR #2330
  • Type the formatError function to accept an GraphQLError as an argument and return a GraphQLFormattedError PR #2343


  • apollo-server-fastify is now on Apollo Server and lives within the apollo-server repository. This is being introduced in a patch version, however it's a major version bump from the last time apollo-server-fastify was published under 1.0.2. PR #1971
  • Move apollo-graphql package to the apollo-tooling repository PR #2316


  • Fix inaccurate total duration in apollo-tracing PR #2298
  • Avoid importing entire crypto dependency tree if not in Node.js. PR #2304
  • Allow passing parseOptions to ApolloServerBase constructor. PR #2289
  • Rename azureFunctions.d.ts to azureFunctions.ts. PR #2287
  • Require apollo-engine-reporting only if EngineReportingAgent used. PR #2305


  • Implement an in-memory cache store to save parsed and validated documents and provide performance benefits for repeat executions of the same document. PR #2111 (>=2.4.0-alpha.0)
  • Fix: Serialize arrays as JSON on fetch in RESTDataSource. PR #2219
  • Fix: The privateHeaders configuration for apollo-engine-reporting now allows headers to be specified using any case and lower-cases them prior to comparison. PR #2276
  • Fix broken apollo-server-azure-functions TypeScript definitions. PR #2287


  • apollo-server (only): Stop double-invocation of serverWillStart life-cycle event. (More specific integrations - e.g. Express, Koa, Hapi, etc. - were unaffected.) PR #2239
  • Avoid traversing graphql-upload module tree in run-time environments which aren't Node.js. PR #2235


  • Switch from json-stable-stringify to fast-json-stable-stringify. PR #2065
  • Fix cache hints of maxAge: 0 to mean "uncachable". #2197
  • Apply defaultMaxAge to scalar fields on the root object. #2210
  • Don't write to the persisted query cache until execution will begin. PR #2227


  • Provide types for graphql-upload in a location where they can be accessed by TypeScript consumers of apollo-server packages. ccf935f9 Issue #2092


  • BREAKING FOR NODE.JS <= 8.5.0 ONLY: To continue using Apollo Server 2.x in versions of Node.js prior to v8.5.0, file uploads must be disabled by setting uploads: false on the ApolloServer constructor options. Without explicitly disabling file-uploads, the server will throw at launch (with instructions and a link to our documentation).

    This early deprecation is due to changes in the third-party graphql-upload package which Apollo Server utilizes to implement out-of-the-box file upload functionality. While, in general, Apollo Server 2.x aims to support all Node.js versions which were under an LTS policy at the time of its release, we felt this required an exception. By throw-ing when uploads is not explicitly set to false, we aim to make it clear immediately (rather than surprisingly) that this deprecation has taken effect.

    While Node.js 6.x is covered by a Long Term Support agreement by the Node.js Foundation until April 2019, there are substantial performance (e.g. V8 improvements) and language changes (e.g. "modern" ECMAScript support) offered by newer Node.js engines (e.g. 8.x, 10.x). We encourage all users of Apollo Server to update to newer LTS versions of Node.js prior to the "end-of-life" dates for their current server version.

    We intend to drop support for Node.js 6.x in the next major version of Apollo Server.

    For more information, see PR #2054 and our documentation.


  • apollo-engine-reporting: When multiple instances of apollo-engine-reporting are loaded (an uncommon edge case), ensure that encodedTraces are handled only once rather than once per loaded instance. PR #2040


  • apollo-server-micro: Set the Content-type to text/html for GraphQL Playground. PR #2026


  • Follow-up on the update to graphql-playground-html in previous release by also bumping the minor version of the graphql-playground-react dependency to 1.7.10 — which is the version requested from the from the CDN bundle by graphql-playground-html. PR #2037


  • Fix GraphQL Playground documentation scrolling bug in Safari by updating to latest (rebased) fork of graphql-playground-html. PR #2037


  • When generateClientInfo is not used to define the client name, client version and client reference ID, Apollo Server will now default to the values present in the HTTP headers of the request (apollographql-client-name, apollographql-client-reference-id and apollographql-client-version respectively). As a last resort, when those headers are not set, the query extensions' clientInfo values will be used. PR #1960


  • Fixed TypeScript 2.2 compatibility via updated apollo-tooling dependency. Issue #1951 26d6c739
  • Throw a more specific error when asynchronous introspection query behavior is detected. PR #1955


  • Added support for an array of modules on the ApolloServer constructor options. Each element of the modules can point to a module which exports typeDefs and resolvers. These modules can be used in lieu of, or in combination with, directly specifying schema or typeDefs/resolvers on the constructor options. This provides greater modularity and improved organization for logic which might be limited to a specific service. 8f6481e6.
  • Added resolveObject support to query execution. bb67584.
  • Fix broken apollo-server-cloud-functions in 2.2.0 caused by missing TypeScript project references which resulted in the package not being published to npm in compiled form. PR #1948


  • New request pipeline, including support for plugins which can implement lifecycle hooks at various stages of a request. PR #1795.
  • Introduce new apollo-server-testing utilities. PR #1909
  • Fix mocks configuration to allow disabling of mocks by using mocks: false, even if mockEntireSchema is true. PR #1835
  • Update graphql-playground-html to 1.7.8. PR #1855
  • Bring back Azure functions support Issue #1752 PR #1753
  • Allow an optional function to resolve the rootValue, passing the DocumentNode AST to determine the value. PR #1555
  • Follow-up on the work in PR #1516 to also fix missing insertion cursor/caret when a custom GraphQL configuration is specified which doesn't specify its own cursorShape property. PR #1607
  • Azure functions support Issue #1752 PR #1753 PR #1948
  • Allow JSON parsing in RESTDataSource of Content Type application/hal+json. PR #185
  • Add support for a requestAgent configuration parameter within the engine configuration. This can be utilized when a proxy is necessary to transmit tracing and metrics data to Apollo Engine. It accepts either an http.Agent or https.Agent and behaves the same as the agent parameter to Node.js' http.request. PR #1879


  • Updated the google-cloud-functions package to handle null paths PR #1674
  • Update link inside Authentication Docs PR #1682
  • Fix making sure all headers are getting reported to Engine properly when using privateHeaders PR #1689
  • (experimental, subject to change/removal) Provide ability to specify client info in traces #1631


  • Reporting: Catch Error if JSON.Stringify Fails for Engine Trace PR #1668
  • Core: Allow context to be passed to all GraphQLExtension methods. PR #1547


  • Fix #1581 apollo-server-micro top level error response #1619
  • Switch ApolloServerBase.schema from private access to protected access. #1610
  • Add toggle for including error messages in reports #1615
  • Fix apollo-server-cloud-functions tests #1611


  • Update graphql-playground-html to 1.7.4 #1586
  • Add support for graphql-js v14 by augmenting typeDefs with the @cacheControl directive so SDL validation doesn't fail #1595
  • Add node-fetch extensions typing to RequestInit #1602


  • Google Cloud Function support #1402 #1446
  • Switch to a fork of apollo-upload-server to fix missing core-js dependency. #1556


  • apollo-server: Release due to failed build and install


  • apollo-server: failed publish
  • pass payload into context function for subscriptions #1513
  • Add option to mock the entire schema(i.e. sets preserveResolvers) PR #1546


  • Release with Lerna 3 due
  • Hapi: Allow additional route options to be passed to Hapi.js plugin. PR #1384
  • express, koa: remove next after playground #1436
  • Hapi: Pass the response toolkit to the context function. #1407
  • update apollo-engine-reporting-protobuf to non-beta #1429
  • playground would use its own settings as default #1516
  • Lambda: Look in event.path first when picking endpoint for GraphQL Playground #1527
  • Fix to allow enabling GraphQL Playground in production with custom config #1495


  • This version failed to publish fully/correctly and should not be used.


  • Fix and Export Extension and Playground Types #1360
  • Pin internal dependencies #1361


  • This version failed to publish fully/correctly and should not be used.


  • export GraphQLUpload from integrations #1322
  • add cors to vanilla #1335
  • export bodyParser.Options to koa #1334
  • add and use playground in ApolloServer constructor #1297
  • breaking: remove calculate headers as function #1337
  • breaking: remove formatParams #1331


  • enable engine reporting from lambda #1313
  • remove flattening of errors #1288
  • dynamic url in datasourece (#1277)


  • BREAKING: errors are passed to user extensions, then engine reporting, and finally formatError (#1272)
  • formatError only called once on validation errors (#1272)
  • BREAKING: apollo-server-env does place types in global namespace (#1259)
  • export Request from apollo-datasource-rest and graphql-extensions (53d7a75 c525818)
  • Use scoped graphql-playground and centralize version (8ea36d8, 84233d2)
  • fix dependencies + exports (#1257)
  • fix data source + context cloning (7e35305)
  • use fetch instead of Node request for engine-reporting (#1274)


  • fix formatError to keep prototype of Error (#1235)


  • Add trailing slash to data source
  • allow body passed to data source
  • new apollo-engine-reporting agent


  • graphql as peerDependency (#1232)
  • APQ in batches (#1234)
  • APQ hits/misses in traces


  • Missing apollo-upload-server dependency (#1221)
  • encode trace report over each request in apollo-engine-reporting


  • BREAKING: remove logFunction (71a403d), see this commit for an implementation
  • move upload option to constructor (#1204)
  • fixed hapi gui bugs (#1211)
  • remove requirement for exModuleInterop (#1210)
  • change BadUserInputError to UserInputError (#1208)
  • add cache-control headers for CDN integration (#1138)
  • Lambda support (thanks to @adnsio, @bwlt, and @gragio #1138)

Data sources

  • add memcache and redis support (#1191)
  • add patch method (#1190)


  • Breaking: registerServer changed to server.applyMiddleware (3279991)
  • Breaking: subscriptions enabled with installSubscriptionHandlers
  • Add Data Sources (#1163)


  • Bug fix to allow async context (#1129)
  • logFunction is now an extension (#1128)
  • Allow user defined extensions and include engine reporting (#1105)


  • remove registerServer configuration from apollo-server's listen (#1090)
  • move healthcheck into variants (#1086)
  • Add file uploads, breaking requires removing scalar Upload from the typeDefs (#1071)
  • Add reporting to Engine as apollo-engine-reporting (#1105)
  • Allow users to define extensions (#1105)



  • engine -> engineProxy

  • port, host, and other http options moved under http key (#1080)

  • subscriptions moved to server.listen (#1059)

  • Add mocks to server constructor (#1017)

  • Add bodyParserConfig parameter to registerServer in apollo-server (#1059) commit

  • Hapi variant (#1058) (#1082)

  • Remove tests and guaranteed support for Node 4 PR #1024

  • Cleanup docs PR #1233


  • [Issue #626] Integrate apollo-fastify plugin. PR #1013
  • add hapi 16 next() invocation PR #743
  • Add skipValidation option PR #839
  • apollo-server-module-graphiql: adds an option to the constructor to disable url rewriting when editing a query PR #1047
  • Upgrade subscription-transport-ws to 0.9.9 for Graphiql


  • Recognize requests with Apollo Persisted Queries and return PersistedQueryNotSupported to the client instead of a confusing error. PR #982


  • apollo-server-adonis: The Content-type of an operation response will now be correctly set to application/json. PR #842 PR #910
  • apollo-server-azure-functions: Fix non-functional Azure Functions implementation and update examples in Azure Functions' PR #753 Issue #684
  • Fix TypeError on GET requests with missing query parameter. PR #964
  • The typing on the context of GraphQLServerOptions now matches the equivilent type used by graphql-tools. PR #919
  • Middleware handlers now used named (rather than anonymous) functions to enable easier identification during debugging/profiling. PR #827
  • The npm-check-updates package has been removed as a "dev dependency" which was resulting in an older version of npm being used during testing. PR #959
  • The typing on HttpQueryRequest's query attribute now enforces that its object properties' keys be Strings. PR #834
  • TypeScript types have been updated via updates to @types/node, @types/connect, @types/koa and @types/aws-lambda.


  • Upgrade to apollo-cache-control@0.1.0 and allow you to specify options to it (such as the new defaultMaxAge) by passing cacheControl: {defaultMaxAge: 5} instead of cacheControl: true.


  • Updated peer dependencies to support graphql@0.13.x.
  • apollo-server-express: The GraphQLOptions type is now exported from apollo-server-express in order to facilitate type checking when utilizing graphqlExpress, graphiqlExpress, graphqlConnect and graphiqlConnect. PR #871
  • Update GraphiQL version to 0.11.11. PR #914


  • Updated peer dependencies and tests to support graphql@0.12.
  • Fix issue where the core runQuery method broke the ability to use the Node async_hooks feature's call stack. PR #733
  • Hoist declarations of rarely used functions out of doRunQuery to improve performance. PR# 821


  • Fixed a fatal execution error with the new graphql@0.12.


  • Breaking: apollo-server-hapi: now supports Hapi v17, and no longer supports Hapi v16. For information on running Apollo Server 1.x with Hapi v16, check this documentation.
  • New package: apollo-server-adonis supporting the Adonis framework!
  • The graphqlOptions parameter to server GraphQL integration functions now accepts context as a function and as an object with a prototype. PR #679
  • apollo-server-express: Send Content-Length header.
  • apollo-server-micro: Allow Micro 9 in peerDependencies. PR #671
  • GraphiQL integration:
    • Recognize Websocket endpoints with secure wss:// URLs.
    • Only include truthy values in GraphiQL URL.


  • New feature: Add support for Apollo Cache Control. Enable apollo-cache-control by passing cacheControl: true to your server's GraphQL integration function.
  • Include in published npm packages.


  • Added support for the vhost option for Hapi PR #611
  • Fix dependency on apollo-tracing to be less strict.


  • GraphiQL integration: add support for websocketConnectionParams for subscriptions. #452 PR 548

(v1.1.4 had a major bug and was immediately unpublished. v1.1.5 was identical to v1.1.6.)


  • GraphiQL integration: Fixes bug where CORS would not allow Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * with credential 'include', changed to 'same-origin' Issue #514
  • Updated peer dependencies to support graphql@0.11.



  • Added support for Azure Functions #503


  • Added ability to provide custom default field resolvers #482
  • Add tracing option to collect and expose trace data in the Apollo Tracing format
  • Add support for GraphiQL editor themes in #484 as requested in #444
  • Add support for full websocket using GraphiQL #491
  • Updated restify lib (@yucun) in #472
  • Updated package apollo-server-micro, updated micro in devDependencies and peerDependencies to ^8.0.1


  • Revert #463, because it's a breaking change that shouldn't have been a patch update.


  • Rename packages from graphql-server- to apollo-server- #465. We'll continue to publish graphql-server- packages that depend on the renamed apollo-server- packages for the time being, to ensure backwards compatibility.


  • Fix Express package not calling the callback on completion (@chemdrew) in #463


  • Add package readmes for Express, Hapi, Koa, Restify (@helfer) in #442
  • Updated & fixed typescript typings (@helfer) in #440


  • Allow GraphiQLOptions to be a function (@NeoPhi) on #426


  • Fix: graphql-server-micro now properly returns response promises #401




  • Fix issue with auto-updating dependencies that caused fibers to update accidentally (@helfer) on #425


  • Security Fix Ensure queries submitted via HTTP GET run through validation (@DxCx) on #424


  • Persist window.location.hash on URL updates #386
  • Added support for graphql-js > 0.10.0 #407
  • Updated subscriptions-transport-ws for GraphiQL with subscriptions #407


  • Fix include passHeader field that was accidentally removed


  • Fix graphiql fetcher to use endpointURL parameter instead of hardcoded URI.#365


  • Add Zeit Micro Integration #324
  • add support for subscriptionURL to GraphiQL (@urigo on #320
  • Restify: Fix for calling next() (@jadkap) on #285
  • Breaking: Update all dependencies #329



  • add support for HTTP GET Method (@DxCx) on #180


  • Switch graphql typings for typescript to @types/graphql #260


  • Update GraphiQL to version 0.8.0 (@DxCx) on #192
  • Upgrade to GraphQL-js 0.8.1.


  • Restructure Apollo Server into 6 new packages, and rename to GraphQL Server (@DxCx) and (@stubailo) in #183 and #164.
  • There are now 6 packages that make up the GraphQL server family:
    • graphql-server-core
    • graphql-module-graphiql
    • graphql-module-operation-store
    • graphql-server-express
    • graphql-server-hapi
    • graphql-server-koa
  • Exports have been renamed. Everything that used to export apollo* now exports graphql*, for example apolloExpress has become graphqlExpress.
  • The repository is now managed using Lerna.


  • Fix passHeader option in GraphiQL (Both Hapi and Koa)
  • Pass ctx instead of ctx.request to options function in Koa integration (@HriBB) in PR #154
  • Manage TypeScript declaration files using npm. (@od1k in #162)
  • Fix connect example in readme. (@conrad-vanl in #165)
  • Add try/catch to formatError. (@nicolaslopezj in #174)
  • Clone context object for each query in a batch.



  • Fixed dependency issue with boom package that affected the hapi integration. (@sammkj in #150)


  • Refactor Hapi integration to improve the API and make the plugins more idiomatic. (@nnance) in PR #127
  • Fixed query batching with Hapi integration. Issue #123 (@nnance) in PR #127
  • Add support for route options in Hapi integration. Issue #97. (@nnance) in PR #127
  • Camelcase Hapi. Issue #129. (@nnance) in PR #132
  • Fix error handling when parsing variables parameter. Issue #130. (@nnance) in PR #131
  • Improve logging function. Issue #79. (@nnance) in PR #136
  • Output stack trace for errors in debug mode. Issue #111. (@nnance) in PR #137
  • Allow to pass custom headers in GraphiQL (@nicolaslopezj in #133).


  • Expose the OperationStore as part of the public API. (@nnance)
  • Support adding parsed operations to the OperationStore. (@nnance)
  • Expose ApolloOptions as part of the public API.


  • Made promise compatible with fibers (@benjamn in #92)


  • Log server events such as request start etc. with logFunction (@helfer in #78)


  • Complete refactor of Apollo Server using TypeScript. PR #41
  • Added Hapi integration (@nnance in #46)
  • Added Koa integration (@HriBB in #59)
  • Changed express integration to support connect as well (@helfer in #58)
  • Dropped express-graphql dependency
  • Dropped support for GET requests, only POST requests are allowed now
  • Split GraphiQL into a separate middleware
  • Factored out core to support Hapi, Koa and connect implementations
  • Added support for query batching
  • Added support for query whitelisting / stored queries
  • Removed body parsing from express integration. Body must be parsed outside of apollo now
  • Added formatRequest and formatResponse functions to apollo options.
  • Removed support for shorthand schema definitions, connectors and mocks (use graphql-tools instead)


  • BUG: Fixed a spelling error with tracer.submit() from PR #26 in PR #31


  • BUG: Fixed a bug with tracer mocks that would throw a TypeError when using Ava #26


  • Updated graphql dependency to 0.6.0
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