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Add post-release "complete versioning details" link.

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@@ -10,6 +10,8 @@ The version headers in this history reflect the versions of Apollo Server itself

### v2.9.3

> [See complete versioning details.](
- `apollo-server-express`: Add direct dependency on `express` to allow for usage of `express.Router` for `getMiddleware` functionality (from [#2435]( Previously, unlike other server integration packages, `apollo-server-express` did not directly need `express` as a dependency since it only relied on `express` for TypeScript typings. [Issue #3238]( [PR #3239](
- `apollo-server-lambda`: Add `@types/aws-lambda` as a direct dependency to `apollo-server-express` to allow usage of its typings without needing to separately install it. [Issue #2351]( [PR #3242](

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