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This is the documentation source for this repository.

The deployed version of the documentation for this repository is available at:

Documentation for the documentation

This is intentionally short since the documentation for the documentation provides details for the documentation framework itself. Additional information should generally be added to that documentation rather than here in this, in order to provide a centralized resource that benefits all documentation deployments.

Running locally

For more information, consult the documentation for the documentation, referenced above.

In general though:

  • npm install in this directory
  • npm start in this directory
  • Open a browser to the link provided in the console.

Important note: Changes to the markdown source does not result in an automatic "hot reload" in the browser; it is necessary to reload the page manually in the browser to see it re-rendered. Additionally, changes to _config.yml require stopping the server and restarting with npm start again.

Deploy previews

Documentation repositories should be setup with a "deploy preview" feature which automatically provides "preview" links in the status checks section of pull-requests.

In the event that it's not possible to run the documentation locally, pushing changes to the branch for a pull-request can be a suitable alternative that ensures changes to the documentation are properly rendered.

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