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This is a very rudimentary package that currently only exports functions for mocking an Apollo Client network interface. Here's an example for how to use it:

  import ApolloClient from 'apollo-client';
  import gql from 'graphql-tag';
  import { makeExecutableSchema, addMockFunctionsToSchema } from 'graphql-tools';
  import { mockNetworkInterfaceWithSchema } from 'apollo-test-utils';

  const typeDefs = `
      type User {
        id: Int
        name: String

      type Query {
        user: User

  const schema = makeExecutableSchema({ typeDefs });
  addMockFunctionsToSchema({ schema });

  const mockNetworkInterface = mockNetworkInterfaceWithSchema({ schema });

  const client = new ApolloClient({
    networkInterface: mockNetworkInterface,

    query: gql`{ user { name } }`,