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Documentation for the Apollo Vanilla JavaScript Client Core

This is the documentation for the apollo-client library, a vanilla JavaScript GraphQL client that can be used independent of any other framework. Apollo Client also serves as the core library used by various JavaScript integrations, including React Apollo and Angular Apollo.

If you are new to Apollo Client, we suggest that you start by reading the React Apollo Guide or the Angular Apollo Guide first. In most cases you will not need to refer to the pure Javascript API docs here.

If you want to learn how to use this library and are using React, we suggest reading the React Apollo Guide. If you are using Angular, likewise, we suggest reading the Angular Apollo Guide. Otherwise, this documentation should help you understand how the client's core API works.

The Apollo community builds and maintains a collection of utilities designed to make it easier to use GraphQL across a range of front-end and server technologies.

If you are looking to use Apollo with a native mobile client, there is an iOS Client in development and plans for an Android client too. On the other hand, the React integration works with React Native on both platforms without changes.

Example apps

We have put together some basic example apps using various parts of Apollo; check them out to see how everything fits together. We're always looking for improvements and feedback on these apps, and they'll get better as Apollo becomes more production-ready!

General JS Examples

Meteor Examples