An example repository for the Apollo Server "Getting Started" guide.
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abernix Cleanup `engine` option and remove trailing spaces.
The `ApolloServer` constructor options allow `engine` to be set to
`false`.  While the alternative of setting it to `undefined` (as it was
before) does effectively work the same, having the explicit `undefined` in
there gave the impression that `undefined` might be a desired attribute for
the `engine` option.  Plus, this was a bit more concise.

Also, removed some trailing spaces.  All in all this was mostly nitpicks.
Latest commit 796dd6d Sep 14, 2018

A GraphQL server example

A simple, straight forward guide to building a GraphQL server with Apollo Server.

About this repository

This repository is the example application for the Getting Started guide in the Apollo Server documentation.

Online sandbox

Play with this example using Glitch by clicking the following button:

Remix on Glitch


  1. Clone this repository: git clone
  2. cd into the graphql-server-example folder and run the following commands:
    1. Run npm install
    2. Run node index.js
  3. Open your browser and see the server running on localhost:4000/graphql with the GraphQL playground.


Check out the official Apollo Server documentation for more information.