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import { ObservableQuery } from 'apollo-client';
import { QueryOptions } from '../types';
import { DocumentNode } from 'graphql';
import { QueryData } from '../data/QueryData';
type QueryInfo = {
seen: boolean;
observable: ObservableQuery<any, any> | null;
function makeDefaultQueryInfo(): QueryInfo {
return {
seen: false,
observable: null
export class RenderPromises {
// Map from Query component instances to pending fetchData promises.
private queryPromises = new Map<QueryOptions<any, any>, Promise<any>>();
// Two-layered map from (query document, stringified variables) to QueryInfo
// objects. These QueryInfo objects are intended to survive through the whole
// getMarkupFromTree process, whereas specific Query instances do not survive
// beyond a single call to renderToStaticMarkup.
private queryInfoTrie = new Map<DocumentNode, Map<string, QueryInfo>>();
// Registers the server side rendered observable.
public registerSSRObservable<TData, TVariables>(
observable: ObservableQuery<any, TVariables>,
props: QueryOptions<TData, TVariables>
) {
this.lookupQueryInfo(props).observable = observable;
// Get's the cached observable that matches the SSR Query instances query and variables.
public getSSRObservable<TData, TVariables>(
props: QueryOptions<TData, TVariables>
) {
return this.lookupQueryInfo(props).observable;
public addQueryPromise<TData, TVariables>(
queryInstance: QueryData<TData, TVariables>,
finish: () => React.ReactNode
): React.ReactNode {
const info = this.lookupQueryInfo(queryInstance.getOptions());
if (!info.seen) {
new Promise(resolve => {
// Render null to abandon this subtree for this rendering, so that we
// can wait for the data to arrive.
return null;
return finish();
public hasPromises() {
return this.queryPromises.size > 0;
public consumeAndAwaitPromises() {
const promises: Promise<any>[] = [];
this.queryPromises.forEach((promise, queryInstance) => {
// Make sure we never try to call fetchData for this query document and
// these variables again. Since the queryInstance objects change with
// every rendering, deduplicating them by query and variables is the
// best we can do. If a different Query component happens to have the
// same query document and variables, it will be immediately rendered
// by calling finish() in addQueryPromise, which could result in the
// rendering of an unwanted loading state, but that's not nearly as bad
// as getting stuck in an infinite rendering loop because we kept calling
// queryInstance.fetchData for the same Query component indefinitely.
this.lookupQueryInfo(queryInstance).seen = true;
return Promise.all(promises);
private lookupQueryInfo<TData, TVariables>(
props: QueryOptions<TData, TVariables>
): QueryInfo {
const { queryInfoTrie } = this;
const { query, variables } = props;
const varMap = queryInfoTrie.get(query) || new Map<string, QueryInfo>();
if (!queryInfoTrie.has(query)) queryInfoTrie.set(query, varMap);
const variablesString = JSON.stringify(variables);
const info = varMap.get(variablesString) || makeDefaultQueryInfo();
if (!varMap.has(variablesString)) varMap.set(variablesString, info);
return info;