🔃 An example app frontend built with Apollo Client and React
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GitHunt React

An example of a client-side app built with React and Apollo Client.

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Please submit a pull request if you see anything that can be improved!

Running the app

1. Clone and run the GitHunt API

This repository is only the React frontend. Run the GitHunt API first. (This is temporary, until we have a permanently hosted demo server.)

2. Install Node/npm

Make sure you have Node.js installed (the app has been tested with Node 4.4.5 and 5.3.0)

3. Clone and install dependencies

git clone https://github.com/apollostack/GitHunt-React.git
cd GitHunt-React
npm install

4. Run the app

npm start
  • Open the client at http://localhost:3000
  • Click "Log in with GitHub" in the upper right corner
  • You'll be presented with the seed items in the app

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Submit a Repo

Click the green Submit button and add repo with the username/repo-name pattern.

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New Item

Review the new item, up vote it and visit the repo via the link.
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