A collection of sample Xcode projects to quickly get started with Apollo iOS
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Apollo iOS Quickstart

A collection of sample Xcode projects to quickly get started with Apollo iOS.

These projects have been set up to integrate with apollo-codegen, which generates query-specific return types from a GraphQL schema and a set of query documents.

Hello World app

You may also be interested in trying out Front Page, the iOS version of the simple "Hello World" app that lives on our developer site.


This project requires Xcode 8, which you can install from the Mac App Store.

To clone the Git repository to your local machine, including submodules:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/apollostack/frontpage-ios-app.git

You will also have to install the apollo-codegen command globally through npm:

npm -g install apollo-codegen

You can then open ApolloQuickstart.xcworkspace, which contains the sample projects and the Apollo iOS dependency.

If you want syntax highlighting for your .graphql files in Xcode, you can install our Xcode add-ons.

Star Wars API playground

The Star Wars API playground runs against an example GraphQL server (see installation instructions there) using the Star Wars data bundled with Facebook's reference implementation, GraphQL.js.

Open StarWarsAPI.playground to experiment with using typed query results. Pass any of the generated query classes to client.fetch() to change which query gets executed.

If you want to run on a device, change localhost to your machine's local IP address in the playground.

You'll have to build the StarWarsAPI framework before running the playground, and whenever you make changes to .graphql files.

You can use GraphiQL to construct your own queries against the Star Wars API and put these in a new .graphql file.

MyAPI playground – Using your own schema

The MyAPI playground allows you to run queries against your own schema.

You can download a GraphQL schema by sending an introspection query to the server:

apollo-codegen download-schema http://localhost:8080/graphql --output MyAPI/MyAPI/schema.json

If needed, you can use the header option to add additional HTTP headers to the request. For example, to include an authentication token, use --header "Authorization: Bearer <token>":

apollo-codegen download-schema https://api.github.com/graphql --output MyAPI/MyAPI/schema.json --header "Authorization: Bearer <token>"

Add queries to MyQueries.graphql or add additional .graphql files and rebuild the target. Then pass one of the generated query classes to client.fetch() in MyAPI.playground.