Arduino libraries & sketches for managing Open Airbus Cockpit panels
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Open Airbus Cockpit - Arduino Libraries & Sketches


This repository contains Arduino code implementing the logic of Open Airbus Cockpit panels.

It is separated into Arduino libraries and sketches.

The following libraries are used by the sketches, but they can be used separately.

  • oacbtn.h. This library provides a set of classes to handle buttons, switches and other forms of passive elements to open and close the current of a circuit.

  • oacio.h. This library provides a very simple extension to IO capabilities as provided by Arduino libraries.

  • oacsp.h. This library provides a wrapper to send and receive messages according to OAC Serial Protocol. It can be used to communicate the Arduino board with the flight simulator through OAC Command Gateway.

  • oacexp.h. This library provides classes and functions to manage Open Airbus Cockpit expansion cards. These cards enable the access to common ICs as digital shift registers, keyboard controllers, LED drivers, etc.

  • oackb.h. This library provides the means to manage a Open Airbus Cockpit Keypad Expansion Card, which is able to control a matrix of keys saving many digital pins of your Arduino board.

  • oacenc.h. This library provides some classes to manage rotary encoders.

Along this libraries, the following sketches are provided.

  • pedestal. This sketch provides the code to manage the A320 pedestal using an Arduino Mega board.


Just copy each directory in this folder to your Arduino personal folder (e.g., %HOMEPATH\My Documents\Arduino\libraries).

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