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Open Airbus Cockpit Command Gateway


OAC Command Gateway is a module of OAC aimed to serve as a gateway of OACSP commands for the simulator. It is implemented in Lua language, and executed using FSUIPC module.

In order to run it, you will need a payware license of FSUIPC.


The file OAC_CommandGateway.lua contains a script aimed to be run in FSUIPC Lua scripting engine. To do so, just copy the file into Modules/ subfolder of your simulator (e.g., C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator X\Modules). Then, you have two methods to run the script.

Run on Startup

You can configure FSUIPC to run the script when the simulator starts. To do so, edit the file Modules\FSUIPC4.ini and add the following section at the bottom of the file.

1=Lua OAC_CommandGateway

This will make the script to be run when FSUIPC is loaded.

Run on Keystroke

This is the recommented method. Instead of run the script on simulator startup, the script will start when a keystroke is pressed. If there was any running instance of the script, it will be killed and replaced by a new instance. This allow the user to reset the script if a strange behavior occurs.

To configure a keystroke to run the script go to the FSUIPC config window by selecting the Add-ons -> FSUIPC option in the top bar. Then the tab Key Presses is the appropriate one to configure keystrokes. Select the key combination you want (e.g, CTRL + R) and select LUA OAC Command Gateway in the control list. Press the OK botton below and that's all! The OAC Command Gateway will be launched each time you press the key stroke you have chosen.