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The overall idea is to make something similar to fitocracy, except for mental health. That’s a huge project, however. In this case, the goal was to start with one topic (insomnia) and to learn how to track, store, and report user activities with three “test case” events. Naturally, a huge amount of the work is in the background; I attempted to make the data structures as scalable as possible without actually building out new topic sections in the app.

basic wireframe profile page:

Technologies used Node.js, Express, Mustache, Passport, etc NPM packages Moment.js for timestamp management Chart.js for data visualizations API The initial goal was to pull sleep data collected by the user’s phone. However, the authentication procedure required manual support from the company, and they were unreachable due to the holidays. As a workaround, I used, a DIY API maker, to set up a scraper that collects ”sleep data” and allows access to it via a REST-ful API

Features included

Activity logging: User can input their activities, which are stored server-side Data visualization: User can see their activity over the past week, including their “sleep quality” (currently surrogate data) Notes: User can save notes detailing different events or strategies that worked for them on different days Forum: Users can communicate with other users in a comment section, filtered by topic. Resources/FAQ page including short and long-term approaches to dealing with topic

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