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Final project


This project incorporates two important things:

  1. A week ago, my roommate woke me up at six in the morning on a Saturday to kill a bug.

This served as inspiration for one aspect of my final project: to allow random strangers to annoy him through the internet.

  1. A reach goal of project one (Font Fighter) was to add a gun mechanism. It didn't happen, which my inner twelve-year-old can not rest peacefully with. WE NEED MORE FIREPOWER.

So the goal here is to kill two birds with one first-person-shootin' stone. I'm going to make a FPS game of some type using Babylon.js and host it on a rails server. There's a lose condition of some sort, and when you lose an air horn (or maybe a motorcycle horn- I think I have a spare one, and that might be easier to wire up) controlled by an arduino goes off outside my roommate's door.

At six o'clock the next Saturday.

I'm not bitter, I swear.

TECH SPECS: A Babylon.js (and Cannon.js, for physics) powered game. I'm only just working through tutorials for this, so I have to leave it open ended. At minimum you'll be shooting shapes in a race against a timer.

A rails server, with a React front-end. The views at present are just login, intro to the game, game play, and scoreboard. I'm not including wireframes because 5 rectangles on a screen doesn't really add to that description.

An arduino acting as a web-client servo (or relay, depending on which horn I use) controller;

A node server (express) using local tunneling to relay data between the arduino and the interwebs.

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