Drone UI for Parrot Minidrones
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Drone UI for Parrot Minidrones

Just for fun, built using React / Express and Socket.io.

Drone UI Screenshot

Usage Instructions

  • yarn install
  • Connect to minidrone via Bluetooth (instructions below)
  • Add your minidrones network name to the 'droneName' property in config.js
  • yarn start
  • Browser will open control window in new tab

How to connect to a minidrone via Bluetooth on a Mac

You won't be able to find the minidrone via a normal bluetooth device search as minidrones emit BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connections. To connect to this, follow these instructions...

  • Install XCode
  • In the top menu, go to Xcode > Open Developer Tool > More Developer Tools
  • This will open a page in your browser.
  • Download and install the latest 'Additional Tools for XCode' binary.
  • Open Hardware > Bluetooth Explorer
  • In the top menu, go to Devices > Low Energy Devices
  • Search for your drone and click 'Connect'

Run Jest Unit Tests

  • yarn test

Other Fun & Games

  • This repo also contains copies of the two command line based examples provided as part of the parrot mini-drone node library used on this project. To play with these use the following commands.

Keyboard Controls

To fly with the keyboard follow the below instructions.

  1. Turn on the drone
  2. Run node cli/keyboard.js
  3. Wait to see the drone connected message in the console output

Control Layout

Key Function
Arrow Up Pitch +
Arrow Down Pitch -
Left Arrow Roll left
Left Arrow Roll right
w Altitude +
s Altitude +
a Yaw left
d Yaw right
t Toggle takeoff & land
f Flattrim
Escape Emergency land

Dualshock PlayStation Controller

Follow these directions from the root of the project to fly with a PS3/4 controller

  1. Turn on the drone
  2. Plug in the controller via USB or connect to your computer via Bluetooth
  3. Run node cli/ps4.js
  4. Wait to see the drone connected message in the console output

Control Layout

Button Function
Right Analog Stick Altitude, yaw
Left Analog Stick Roll, pitch
Square Flat-trim
Triangle Toggle takeoff & land
Circle Emergency landing
X Take a picture
L1 Left flip
R1 Right Flip
L2 Front Flip
R2 Back Flip

Thanks to