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Farm ERC-1155 NFT by staking ERC-20 LP Tokens

Video Explanation:

User Flow:

  • NFT's are deposited into this contract, having some Price as points associated to them.
  • In order to claim an NFT, the user must have sufficient points to reach Price threshold.
  • To increase points balance, user must deposit lp tokens to this contract.
  • points balance increases dynamically with each passing second allowing user to Farm NFTs!


  • Supports ERC-1155 NFT
  • Stake LP tokens.
  • Rate of NFT accumulation proportional to amount of LP tokens user is providing.
  • Farm for all NFTs at once. Choose particular NFTs on claim.
  • Resume farming from where left, if LP tokens withdrawn in between.
  • Claim all eligible random NFTs with farmed points balance.
  • Withdraw LP tokens, and claim NFTs in single transaction.


constructor(uint256 _emissionRate, IERC20 _lpToken) public

_emissionRate: points generated per LP token (wei) per second staked by user

_lpToken: token address to be staked

function addNFT(
        address contractAddress,    // token contract address. Only ERC-1155 NFT Supported!
        uint256 id,                 // token id
        uint256 total,              // amount of NFTs deposited to farm (need to approve before)
        uint256 price               // price in `points`
    ) external;

Can only be called by owner. To add ERC-1155 NFT to be farmed by others. Owner must have approved contract to transfer NFT before calling this function.

function deposit(uint256 _amount) external;

Called by user to stake _amount of LP tokens in the contract. User must have approved contract to spend at least _amount of LP tokens.

function pointsBalance(address userAddress) public view returns (uint256) 

Dynamic function to get points balance accumulated till now.

function claim(uint256 _nftIndex, uint256 _quantity) public;

Allow user to claim _quantity of NFT at index _nftIndex in nftInfo array, if sufficient points accumulated (else transaction reverts). NFTs are farmed and sent to user address.

function claimRandom() public;

Allow user to claim random NFTs from the NFT pool until they exhaust their point balance.

function withdraw(uint256 _amount) public;

Allow user to withdraw _amount of LP tokens. Reverts if _amount exceeds deposited LP tokens by user.

function exit() external;

Allow user to claim random NFTs and withdraw all LP tokens from contract.

Local Project Set Up:

  1. Install Required packages. npm i

  2. Compile contracts truffle compile

  3. Run tests. Run these commands parallelly, one after another: ganache-cli npm run tests


Farm ERC-1155 NFT by staking ERC-20 LP Tokens






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