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An app to set the default brightness of lights during the night.
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Night Mode

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Lowers the default brightness of lights at night.


This app is best installed using HACS, so that you can easily track and download updates.

Alternatively, you can download the nightmode directory from inside the apps directory here to your local apps directory, then add the configuration to enable the nightmode module.

How it works

You will need to create an entity called input_boolean.night_mode. When this input_boolean is turned on, whether manually or by another automation you create, night mode will be activated for the lights you define in apps.yaml. Any lights that are on will dim to the level you have specified in apps.yaml. If a light is turned on while night mode is on, that light will dim to the night mode brightness automatically.

If night mode hasn't already been turned off manually or by another automation, it will be turned off automatically at sunrise. The app will attempt to store the previous daytime brightness of any lights turned on at night and restore that level during the day. There is one known issue with this, as the daytime values are not stored in a persistent fashion and therefore won't persist in the event the app or Home Assistant are restarted. However, improvements to this functionality are on the roadmap.

App configuration

  module: nightmode
  class: NightMode
  light: light.kitchen_sink,light.kitchen_table,light.stairs
  night_brightness: 3
key optional type default description
module False string nightmode
class False string NightMode
light True string A comma-delimited list of entities you want to automatically control the default brightness of during night mode.
night_brighness True number from 1-255 The default brightness of the lights listed above during night mode.

Issues/Feature Requests

Please log any issues or feature requests in this GitHub repository for me to review.

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