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A white noise machine for a media_player entity.
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White Noise

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A white noise machine for a media_player entity.


This app is best installed using HACS, so that you can easily track and download updates.

Alternatively, you can download the whitenoise directory from inside the apps directory here to your local apps directory, then add the configuration to enable the whitenoise module.

How it works

You can define an instance of the app in your apps.yaml file for every white noise machine you'd like to configure. As a pre-requisite, you will need an audio file that is an hour or more long. My recommendation is to download one of the 60 minute files from here to your www directory.

The app is configured to play the audio file on the configured speaker. Every 55 minutes, it will automatically fade the volume out on the speaker, so that it can restart the audio file without it sounding abrupt. Then the volume will fade in to what it was previously. This way, you're able to use a file of a reasonable length, rather than creating a file that is 8+ hours long and takes up an unnecessary amount of space on your server.

App configuration

Define the app once for each white noise machine you want to create, giving it a unique name each time.

  module: whitenoise
  class: WhiteNoise
  media_player: master_bedroom_speaker
  input_boolean: white_noise
key optional type default description
module False string whitenoise
class False string WhiteNoise
media_player True string The media_player entity you want to use as a white noise machine. You only need to list the portion to the right of the period, so in the example above media_player.master_bedroom_speaker is the full entity_id being used.
input_boolean True string An input_boolean you have defined to control the white noise machine. As with media_player, you only need the portion after the period, so for the example above, input_boolean.white_noise is the full entity_id controlling this white noise machine.
filename True string The location of the white noise file. You may have to play with this depending on what type of media_player you are using. I am using a Google Home, and that device requires a URL it can hit over the internet, so I had to use my external URL rather than the IP address on my local network.

Issues/Feature Requests

Please log any issues or feature requests in this GitHub repository for me to review.

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