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What is iTellAFriend?


iTellAFriend is an iOS toolkit for displaying a preconfigued mail composer with a "Tell a Friend" template in ios apps.


To install iTellAFriend into your app, drag the iTellAFriend.h, .m into your project.

iTellAFriend requires no configuration at all and will use the application's bundle ID to look the app ID up on the App Store.

To present the Tell A Friend email controller, use:

    if ([[iTellAFriend sharedInstance] canTellAFriend]) {
      UINavigationController* tellAFriendController = [[iTellAFriend sharedInstance] tellAFriendController];
      [self presentModalViewController:tellAFriendController animated:YES];

To present the gift this app dialog:

 [[iTellAFriend sharedInstance] giftThisAppWithAlertView:YES];

To present the rate this app dialog:

    [[iTellAFriend sharedInstance] rateThisAppWithAlertView:YES];


Terms of Use

  • Provided under the Apache 2.0 License
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