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fix log rotation #56

merged 3 commits into from May 3, 2019
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Just for now

@@ -131,21 +131,20 @@ func NewLogger(serviceName string, level string, format string, file string, fil
config.Level = zap.NewAtomicLevelAt(zap.InfoLevel)

logger, err := config.Build()
if w != nil {
logger, err = config.Build(SetOutput(w, config))
logger := InitLogger(w, config)

if err != nil {

return logger, config

// SetOutput returns the zap option with the new sync writer
func SetOutput(w zapcore.WriteSyncer, conf zap.Config) zap.Option {
// InitLogger constructs the logger from the options
func InitLogger(w zapcore.WriteSyncer, conf zap.Config) *zap.Logger {
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primalmotion May 3, 2019


does this need to be exported?

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0xmchadha May 3, 2019

Author Contributor

No. It doesn't need to be. Fixed it.

var enc zapcore.Encoder
// Copy paste from zap.Config.buildEncoder.
var coreFile zapcore.Core

switch conf.Encoding {
case "json":
enc = zapcore.NewJSONEncoder(conf.EncoderConfig)
@@ -154,14 +153,28 @@ func SetOutput(w zapcore.WriteSyncer, conf zap.Config) zap.Option {
panic("unknown encoding")
return zap.WrapCore(func(zapcore.Core) zapcore.Core {
return zapcore.NewCore(enc, w, conf.Level)

console := zapcore.Lock(os.Stdout)
coreConsole := zapcore.NewCore(enc, console, conf.Level)

if w != nil {
coreFile = zapcore.NewCore(enc, w, conf.Level)

core := zapcore.NewTee(

logger := zap.New(core)
return logger

// handleOutputFile handles options in log configs to redirect to file
func handleOutputFile(config *zap.Config, file string, fileOnly bool) (zapcore.WriteSyncer, error) {

var w zapcore.WriteSyncer

if file == "" {
return nil, nil
@@ -172,17 +185,20 @@ func handleOutputFile(config *zap.Config, file string, fileOnly bool) (zapcore.W

if fileOnly {
w := zapcore.AddSync(&lumberjack.Logger{
if file != "" {
w = zapcore.AddSync(&lumberjack.Logger{
Filename: file,
MaxSize: logFileSizeDefault,
MaxBackups: logFileNumBackups,
MaxAge: logFileAge,

if fileOnly {
config.OutputPaths = []string{file}
return w, nil
} else {
config.OutputPaths = append(config.OutputPaths, file)

config.OutputPaths = append(config.OutputPaths, file)
return nil, nil
return w, nil
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