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// Copyright 2019 Aporeto Inc.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package bahamut
import (
// ResponseMode represents the response that is expected to be produced by the subscriber
// handling a publication.
type ResponseMode int
func (r ResponseMode) String() string {
switch r {
case ResponseModeNone:
return "ResponseModeNone"
case ResponseModeACK:
return "ResponseModeACK"
case ResponseModePublication:
return "ResponseModePublication"
return "ResponseModeUnknown"
const (
// ResponseModeNone indicates that no response is expected for the received publication
ResponseModeNone ResponseMode = iota
// ResponseModeACK indicates that the subscriber should reply back with an ACK
// as soon as it has received the publication BEFORE it starts processing the
// publication.
// ResponseModePublication indicates that the subscriber should reply back with a
// Publication AFTER it has finished processing the publication. Obviously, the
// subscriber should try to respond ASAP as there is a client waiting for a response.
// Publication is a structure that can be published to a PublishServer.
type Publication struct {
Data []byte `msgpack:"data,omitempty" json:"data,omitempty"`
Topic string `msgpack:"topic,omitempty" json:"topic,omitempty"`
Partition int32 `msgpack:"partition,omitempty" json:"partition,omitempty"`
TrackingName string `msgpack:"trackingName,omitempty" json:"trackingName,omitempty"`
TrackingData opentracing.TextMapCarrier `msgpack:"trackingData,omitempty" json:"trackingData,omitempty"`
Encoding elemental.EncodingType `msgpack:"encoding,omitempty" json:"encoding,omitempty"`
ResponseMode ResponseMode `msgpack:"responseMode,omitempty" json:"responseMode,omitempty"`
replyCh chan *Publication
replied bool
timedOut bool
mux sync.Mutex
span opentracing.Span
// NewPublication returns a new Publication.
func NewPublication(topic string) *Publication {
return &Publication{
Topic: topic,
TrackingData: opentracing.TextMapCarrier{},
// Encode the given object into the publication.
func (p *Publication) Encode(o interface{}) error {
return p.EncodeWithEncoding(o, elemental.EncodingTypeMSGPACK)
// EncodeWithEncoding the given object into the publication using the given encoding.
func (p *Publication) EncodeWithEncoding(o interface{}, encoding elemental.EncodingType) error {
data, err := elemental.Encode(encoding, o)
if err != nil {
return err
p.Data = data
p.Encoding = encoding
if p.span != nil {
p.span.LogFields(log.Object("payload", string(p.Data)))
return nil
// Decode decodes the data into the given dest.
func (p *Publication) Decode(dest interface{}) error {
if p.span != nil {
p.span.LogFields(log.Object("payload", string(p.Data)))
return elemental.Decode(p.Encoding, p.Data, dest)
// StartTracingFromSpan starts a new child opentracing.Span using the given span as parent.
func (p *Publication) StartTracingFromSpan(span opentracing.Span, name string) error {
tracer := span.Tracer()
if tracer == nil {
return nil
p.span = opentracing.StartSpan(name, opentracing.ChildOf(span.Context()))
p.span.SetTag("topic", p.Topic)
p.span.SetTag("partition", p.Partition)
return tracer.Inject(p.span.Context(), opentracing.TextMap, p.TrackingData)
// StartTracing starts a new tracer using wired data if any.
func (p *Publication) StartTracing(tracer opentracing.Tracer, name string) {
if tracer == nil {
wireContext, _ := tracer.Extract(opentracing.TextMap, p.TrackingData)
p.span = opentracing.StartSpan(name, ext.RPCServerOption(wireContext))
p.span.SetTag("topic", p.Topic)
p.span.SetTag("partition", p.Partition)
// Span returns the current tracking span.
func (p *Publication) Span() opentracing.Span {
return p.span
// Duplicate returns a copy of the publication
func (p *Publication) Duplicate() *Publication {
pub := NewPublication(p.Topic)
pub.Data = p.Data
pub.Partition = p.Partition
pub.TrackingName = p.TrackingName
pub.TrackingData = p.TrackingData
pub.Encoding = p.Encoding
pub.ResponseMode = p.ResponseMode
pub.span = p.span
return pub
// Reply will publish the provided publication back to the client. An error is returned if
// the client was not expecting a response or the supplied publication was nil. If you take
// too long to reply to a publication an error may be returned in the errors channel you provided
// in your call to the `Subscribe` method as the client may have given up waiting for your response.
// Reply can only be called once for
func (p *Publication) Reply(response *Publication) error {
defer p.mux.Unlock()
switch {
case p.timedOut:
return errors.New("took too long to reply to publication")
case response == nil:
return errors.New("response cannot be nil")
case p.replied:
return errors.New("already replied to publication")
case p.replyCh == nil:
return errors.New("no response required for publication")
p.replyCh <- response
p.replied = true
return nil
func (p *Publication) setExpired() {
defer p.mux.Unlock()
p.timedOut = true
p.replyCh = nil
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