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package elemental
import (
// ErrUnsupportedComparator is the error type that will be returned in the event that that an unsupported comparator
// is used in the filter.
type ErrUnsupportedComparator struct {
Err error
// Is reports whether the provided error has the same type as ErrUnsupportedComparator. This was added as part of the new
// error handling APIs added to Go 1.13
func (e ErrUnsupportedComparator) Is(err error) bool {
return reflect.TypeOf(err) == reflect.TypeOf(e)
// Unwrap returns the embedded error in ErrUnsupportedComparator.
func (e ErrUnsupportedComparator) Unwrap() error {
return e.Err
func (e ErrUnsupportedComparator) Error() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("unsupported comparator: %s", e.Err)
// MatcherError is the error type that will be returned by elemental.MatchesFilter in the event that it returns an error
type MatcherError struct {
Err error
func (me *MatcherError) Error() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("elemental: unable to match: %s", me.Err)
// Unwrap returns the the error contained in 'MatcherError'. This is a special method that aids in error handling for clients
// using Go 1.13 and beyond as they can now utilize the new 'Is' function added to the 'errors' package.
func (me *MatcherError) Unwrap() error {
return me.Err
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