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// Copyright 2019 Aporeto Inc.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package manipulate
import (
// ReadConsistency represents the desired consistency of the request.
// Not all driver may implement this.
type ReadConsistency string
// Various values for Consistency
const (
ReadConsistencyDefault ReadConsistency = "default"
ReadConsistencyNearest ReadConsistency = "nearest"
ReadConsistencyEventual ReadConsistency = "eventual"
ReadConsistencyMonotonic ReadConsistency = "monotonic"
ReadConsistencyStrong ReadConsistency = "strong"
// WriteConsistency represents the desired consistency of the request.
// Not all driver may implement this.
type WriteConsistency string
// Various values for Consistency
const (
WriteConsistencyDefault WriteConsistency = "default"
WriteConsistencyNone WriteConsistency = "none"
WriteConsistencyStrong WriteConsistency = "strong"
WriteConsistencyStrongest WriteConsistency = "strongest"
// A FinalizerFunc is the type of a function that can be used as a creation finalizer.
// This is only supported by manipulators that generate an ID to let a chance to the user.
// to now the intended ID before actually creating the object.
type FinalizerFunc func(o elemental.Identifiable) error
// A RetryFunc is a function that can be called during an
// auto retry.
// The current manipulate.Context is given, a Stringer interface containing,
// more info about the current request, the error that
// caused the retry and the try number.
// If this function returns an error, the retry procedure will
// be interupted and this error will be returns to the caller
// of the operation.
type RetryFunc func(RetryInfo) error
// A RetryInfo is the interface that can be passed to RetryFunc
// that will contain retry information. Content will depend on
// the manipulator implementation.
type RetryInfo interface {
Err() error
Context() Context
Try() int
// A Context holds all information regarding a particular manipulate operation.
type Context interface {
Count() int
SetCount(count int)
Filter() *elemental.Filter
Finalizer() FinalizerFunc
Version() int
TransactionID() TransactionID
Page() int
PageSize() int
Override() bool
Recursive() bool
Namespace() string
Credentials() (string, string)
Parameters() url.Values
Parent() elemental.Identifiable
ExternalTrackingID() string
ExternalTrackingType() string
Order() []string
Context() context.Context
Derive(...ContextOption) Context
Fields() []string
ReadConsistency() ReadConsistency
WriteConsistency() WriteConsistency
Messages() []string
ClientIP() string
RetryFunc() RetryFunc
RetryRatio() int64
type mcontext struct {
clientIP string
countTotal int
createFinalizer FinalizerFunc
ctx context.Context
externalTrackingID string
externalTrackingType string
fields []string
filter *elemental.Filter
idempotencyKey string
messages []string
namespace string
order []string
overrideProtection bool
page int
pageSize int
parameters url.Values
parent elemental.Identifiable
password string
readConsistency ReadConsistency
recursive bool
retryFunc RetryFunc
retryRatio int64
transactionID TransactionID
username string
version int
writeConsistency WriteConsistency
// NewContext creates a context with the given ContextOption.
func NewContext(ctx context.Context, options ...ContextOption) Context {
if ctx == nil {
panic("nil context")
mctx := &mcontext{
ctx: ctx,
writeConsistency: WriteConsistencyDefault,
readConsistency: ReadConsistencyDefault,
retryRatio: 4,
for _, opt := range options {
return mctx
// Derive creates a copy of the context but updates the values of the given options.
// Values that are parts of a response like Count or Messages or IdempotencyKey
// are reset for the derived context.
func (c *mcontext) Derive(options ...ContextOption) Context {
copy := &mcontext{
clientIP: c.clientIP,
createFinalizer: c.createFinalizer,
ctx: c.ctx,
externalTrackingID: c.externalTrackingID,
externalTrackingType: c.externalTrackingType,
fields: c.fields,
filter: c.filter,
namespace: c.namespace,
order: c.order,
overrideProtection: c.overrideProtection,
pageSize: c.pageSize,
parameters: c.parameters,
parent: c.parent,
password: c.password,
readConsistency: c.readConsistency,
recursive: c.recursive,
retryFunc: c.retryFunc,
retryRatio: c.retryRatio,
transactionID: c.transactionID,
username: c.username,
version: c.version,
writeConsistency: c.writeConsistency,
for _, opt := range options {
return copy
// Count returns the count
func (c *mcontext) Count() int { return c.countTotal }
// SetCount returns the total count.
func (c *mcontext) SetCount(count int) { c.countTotal = count }
// Filter returns the filter.
func (c *mcontext) Filter() *elemental.Filter { return c.filter }
// Finalizer returns the finalizer.
func (c *mcontext) Finalizer() FinalizerFunc { return c.createFinalizer }
// Version returns the version.
func (c *mcontext) Version() int { return c.version }
// TransactionID returns the transactionID.
func (c *mcontext) TransactionID() TransactionID { return c.transactionID }
// Page returns the page number.
func (c *mcontext) Page() int { return }
// PageSize returns the pageSize.
func (c *mcontext) PageSize() int { return c.pageSize }
// Override returns the override value.
func (c *mcontext) Override() bool { return c.overrideProtection }
// Recursive returns the recursive value.
func (c *mcontext) Recursive() bool { return c.recursive }
// Namespace returns the namespace value.
func (c *mcontext) Namespace() string { return c.namespace }
// Parameters returns the parameters.
func (c *mcontext) Parameters() url.Values { return c.parameters }
// Parent returns the parent.
func (c *mcontext) Parent() elemental.Identifiable { return c.parent }
// ExternalTrackingID returns the ExternalTrackingID.
func (c *mcontext) ExternalTrackingID() string { return c.externalTrackingID }
// ExternalTrackingType returns the ExternalTrackingType.
func (c *mcontext) ExternalTrackingType() string { return c.externalTrackingType }
// Order returns the Order.
func (c *mcontext) Order() []string { return c.order }
// Fields returns the fields.
func (c *mcontext) Fields() []string { return c.fields }
// WriteConsistency returns the desired write consistency.
func (c *mcontext) WriteConsistency() WriteConsistency { return c.writeConsistency }
// ReadConsistency returns the desired read consistency.
func (c *mcontext) ReadConsistency() ReadConsistency { return c.readConsistency }
// Messages returns the eventual list of messages regarding a manipulation.
func (c *mcontext) Messages() []string { return c.messages }
// SetMessages sets the message in the context.
// You should not need to use this.
func (c *mcontext) SetMessages(messages []string) { c.messages = messages }
// Context returns the internal context.Context.
func (c *mcontext) Context() context.Context { return c.ctx }
// IdempotencyKey returns the idempotency key.
func (c *mcontext) IdempotencyKey() string { return c.idempotencyKey }
// SetIdempotencyKey sets the IdempotencyKey. This is used internally
// by manipulator implementation supporting it.
func (c *mcontext) SetIdempotencyKey(k string) { c.idempotencyKey = k }
// DelegationToken returns any delegation token provided by options.
func (c *mcontext) Credentials() (string, string) { return c.username, c.password }
// Headers returns the optional headers.
func (c *mcontext) ClientIP() string { return c.clientIP }
// RetryRatio returns the context retry ratio.
func (c *mcontext) RetryRatio() int64 { return c.retryRatio }
// RetryFunc returns the retry function that is called when a retry occurs.
// If this function returns an error, retrying stops and the returned error
// returned by the manipulate operation.
func (c *mcontext) RetryFunc() RetryFunc { return c.retryFunc }
// SetDelegationToken sets the delegation token for this context.
func (c *mcontext) SetCredentials(username, password string) {
c.username = username
c.password = password
// String returns the string representation of the Context.
func (c *mcontext) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("<Context page:%d pagesize:%d filter:%v version:%d>",, c.pageSize, c.filter, c.version)
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