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package metadata
import (
// Client is a metadata client.
type Client struct {
puContext string
registry *serviceregistry.Registry
tokenIssuer common.ServiceTokenIssuer
certPEM []byte
keyPEM []byte
// NewClient returns a new metadata client
func NewClient(puContext string, r *serviceregistry.Registry, t common.ServiceTokenIssuer) *Client {
return &Client{
puContext: puContext,
registry: r,
tokenIssuer: t,
// UpdateSecrets updates the secrets of the client.
func (c *Client) UpdateSecrets(cert, key []byte) {
defer c.Unlock()
c.certPEM = cert
c.keyPEM = key
// GetCertificate returns back the certificate.
func (c *Client) GetCertificate() []byte {
defer c.RUnlock()
return c.certPEM
// GetPrivateKey returns the private key associated with this service.
func (c *Client) GetPrivateKey() []byte {
defer c.RUnlock()
return c.keyPEM
// GetCurrentPolicy returns the current policy of the datapath. It returns
// the marshalled policy as well as the original object for any farther processing.
func (c *Client) GetCurrentPolicy() ([]byte, *policy.PUPolicyPublic, error) {
sctx, err := c.registry.RetrieveServiceByID(c.puContext)
if err != nil {
return nil, nil, err
plc := sctx.PU.Policy.ToPublicPolicy()
plc.ServicesCertificate = ""
plc.ServicesPrivateKey = ""
data, err := json.MarshalIndent(plc, " ", " ")
if err != nil {
data = []byte("Internal Server Error")
return data, plc, nil
// IssueToken issues an OAUTH token for this PU for the desired audience
// and validity. The request will use the token issuer to contact the OIDC
// provider and issue the token.
func (c *Client) IssueToken(ctx context.Context, stype common.ServiceTokenType, audience string, validity time.Duration) (string, error) {
return c.tokenIssuer.Issue(ctx, c.puContext, stype, audience, validity)
// Authorize request will use the enforcerd databases and context to authorize
// an http request given the provided credentials.
func (c *Client) Authorize(request *apiauth.Request) error {
return nil
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