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package secrets
import (
const (
compactPKIAckSize = 300
// CompactPKI holds all PKI information
type CompactPKI struct {
PrivateKeyPEM []byte
PublicKeyPEM []byte
AuthorityPEM []byte
TokenKeyPEMs [][]byte
Compressed claimsheader.CompressionType
privateKey *ecdsa.PrivateKey
publicKey *x509.Certificate
txKey []byte
verifier pkiverifier.PKITokenVerifier
// NewCompactPKI creates new secrets for PKI implementation based on compact encoding
func NewCompactPKI(keyPEM []byte, certPEM []byte, caPEM []byte, txKey []byte, compress claimsheader.CompressionType) (*CompactPKI, error) {
zap.L().Warn("DEPRECATED. secrets.NewCompactPKI is deprecated in favor of secrets.NewCompactPKIWithTokenCA")
return NewCompactPKIWithTokenCA(keyPEM, certPEM, caPEM, [][]byte{caPEM}, txKey, compress)
// NewCompactPKIWithTokenCA creates new secrets for PKI implementation based on compact encoding.
// keyPEM: is the private key that will be used for signing tokens formated as a PEM file.
// certPEM: is the public key that will be used formated as a PEM file.
// tokenKeyPEMs: is a list of public keys that can be used to verify the public token that
// that is transmitted over the wire. These are essentially the public CA PEMs
// that were used to sign the txtKey
// txKey: is the public key that is send over the wire.
// compressionType: is packed with the secrets to indicate compression.
func NewCompactPKIWithTokenCA(keyPEM []byte, certPEM []byte, caPEM []byte, tokenKeyPEMs [][]byte, txKey []byte, compress claimsheader.CompressionType) (*CompactPKI, error) {
key, cert, _, err := crypto.LoadAndVerifyECSecrets(keyPEM, certPEM, caPEM)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
tokenKeys := make([]*ecdsa.PublicKey, len(tokenKeyPEMs))
for _, ca := range tokenKeyPEMs {
caCert, err := crypto.LoadCertificate(ca)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
tokenKeys = append(tokenKeys, caCert.PublicKey.(*ecdsa.PublicKey))
if len(txKey) == 0 {
return nil, errors.New("transmit token missing")
p := &CompactPKI{
PrivateKeyPEM: keyPEM,
PublicKeyPEM: certPEM,
AuthorityPEM: caPEM,
TokenKeyPEMs: tokenKeyPEMs,
Compressed: compress,
privateKey: key,
publicKey: cert,
txKey: txKey,
verifier: pkiverifier.NewPKIVerifier(tokenKeys, 5*time.Minute),
return p, nil
// Type implements the interface Secrets
func (p *CompactPKI) Type() PrivateSecretsType {
return PKICompactType
// EncodingKey returns the private key
func (p *CompactPKI) EncodingKey() interface{} {
return p.privateKey
// PublicKey returns the public key
func (p *CompactPKI) PublicKey() interface{} {
return p.publicKey
//KeyAndClaims returns both the key and any attributes associated with the public key.
func (p *CompactPKI) KeyAndClaims(pkey []byte) (interface{}, []string, time.Time, error) {
kc, err := p.verifier.Verify(pkey)
if err != nil {
return nil, nil, time.Unix(0, 0), err
return kc.PublicKey, kc.Tags, kc.Expiration, nil
// TransmittedKey returns the PEM of the public key in the case of PKI
// if there is no certificate cache configured
func (p *CompactPKI) TransmittedKey() []byte {
return p.txKey
// AckSize returns the default size of an ACK packet
func (p *CompactPKI) AckSize() uint32 {
return uint32(compactPKIAckSize)
// PublicSecrets returns the secrets that are marshallable over the RPC interface.
func (p *CompactPKI) PublicSecrets() PublicSecrets {
return &CompactPKIPublicSecrets{
Type: PKICompactType,
Key: p.PrivateKeyPEM,
Certificate: p.PublicKeyPEM,
CA: p.AuthorityPEM,
Token: p.txKey,
TokenCAs: p.TokenKeyPEMs,
Compressed: p.Compressed,
// CompactPKIPublicSecrets includes all the secrets that can be transmitted over
// the RPC interface.
type CompactPKIPublicSecrets struct {
Type PrivateSecretsType
Key []byte
Certificate []byte
CA []byte
TokenCAs [][]byte
Token []byte
Compressed claimsheader.CompressionType
// SecretsType returns the type of secrets.
func (p *CompactPKIPublicSecrets) SecretsType() PrivateSecretsType {
return p.Type
// CertAuthority returns the cert authority
func (p *CompactPKIPublicSecrets) CertAuthority() []byte {
return p.CA
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