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Customized MLOps Observability


  1. mlplatform-workshop mlplatform-workshop Public

    🍫 Example code for a basic ML Platform based on Pulumi, FastAPI, DVC, MLFlow and more

    TypeScript 426 65

  2. mlnotify mlnotify Public

    🔔 No need to keep checking your training - just one import line and you'll know the second it's done.

    Vue 340 19

  3. kubesurvival kubesurvival Public

    💰 Significantly reduce Kubernetes costs by finding the cheapest machine types that can run your workloads

    Go 184 9

  4. Public

    🎲 A curated list of MLOps projects, tools and resources

    Vue 180 35

  5. TrainInvaders TrainInvaders Public

    👾 Jupyter Notebook + Space Invaders!?

    C 93 4

  6. inferencedb inferencedb Public

    🚀 Stream inferences of real-time ML models in production to any data lake (Experimental)

    Python 77 2


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